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Lberty City/Vice City DLC

  • I would love to see a Liberty City/Vice City DLC with the full city's and everything be able to fly there and then buy apartments and what not but its sad that R* won't do it smdh it would make it hella more fun hell be a pretty big map if you ask me hell I think GTA VI should be all three major city's or the entire united states map now that would prove very interesting especially online but more importantly offline lol just think how long it would take to drive from the east coast to the west coast lol you be sitting playing all day just to get to the other side but look at the bright side you won't run out of gas lol


    You do know the OpenIV team is busy porting IV into V?


  • @ReNNie ahh ok lol but will it be populated with everything as well to buy apartments?

  • @ReNNie when is it coming out?


    @gtaenthusiast when it's time for release I think ;)

  • @ReNNie why does it say download it on the link?

  • @TR71777 Many reasons R* didn't do it. They wanted a fresh start, a new game, they can't just live on their old games forever. And also, it would look outdated compared to the awesome GTA 5 map, and so they would need to make it look better. Where comes another problem: file size. Where it would be awesome for it to be a DLC many people would complain why it wasn't in the original game. Also they're making enough money as-is, their fanbase is awesome, what more could they want?

    @gtaenthusiast It doesn't.

  • Banned

    Can't wait To Test Those Maps:man_dancing_tone2:

  • GTA_Random is doing Vice city and Classic Liberty City

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