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[Player/Model] Ghost Recon Wildlands Models

  • Hey there,
    is any modeler already up to or interested in converting some of the Vests/Helmets or a whole model itself from Ghost Recon Wildlands to GTA 5?

    That youtube channel is quite inspiring:

    So, for instance, using this US Army model from that video for GTA would just be incredible awesome!

  • @boggi Do you have the models?

  • Good point...no.^^ Hopefully some modeler or for example luxox18 on deviantart will convert some of them from time to time. Maybe this post arouses some attention of any modeler out there :)

  • @boggi I know Luxox18 from a long time ago, we share/exchange models between us and sure he is interested in Wild Lands, but the game is complex and for now is in "reverse-fase", that means being analized to create extraction/convertion tools for clean models.

    If we wait, the first models will surely appear. I not have the game to do research/rips but I want convert them to GTA V.

  • @Rarefacer Ok thanks man. Very good to know those facts indeed! So we have to wait and hopefully some day we see some of the Ghost Recon models in GTA 5!

  • I don't think that its possible to extract the models yet

  • Archive_Next it's updated, if someone owns the game, i'll definitely like to work on it.

  • @MAESTRE So if you got access to the game you think it would be now possible to extract wildlands models?

  • @boggi Yeah, if i had the game i'll rip a lot of models like kevlar ballistic face mask, guns, etc.

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