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Post Your Suggestions Here!

  • I am looking for something to do, if you guys have any mod suggestions, let me know down below. I will look at them all and see if I can do them. I get out of class in 20 minutes, so hurry up and I can get to yours first!

  • @TheLoneWolf293 What kind of mod? I'd love to see a Skyline ER33 (yes the 4 door), and I was trying to make a Thai police car, but there's a logo I can't get an image of. Just suggestions :D Unless you wanna mod your school into GTA...actually...nah...hmm

  • @Namie243 lol, I'll look for someone to do that, models are not really up my alley. I like the idea about the school tho, I had a similar one about replacing the model of micheal or franklins house with a model of my house.

  • @TheLoneWolf293 I remember someone did a new Michael's house, and the problem was setting the beds for sleeping. Don't know how the family peds would spawn in either.

    I'm more into textures. Getting better, self teaching myself. If you need basic textures, lemme know. I'm no artist though haha

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