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Gameconfig for peds

  • After the beautifully fucking annoying update, I have am issue. It isn't the common one about updated mods. I had a gameconfig installed that allowed me to install more than forty something peds, and now I have 55. The thing is, after the update, obviously the new gameconfig makes me crash, but the custom for the older version too. Now I do guess it has to be updated, but, I checked the file on my own and saw these lines like
    Pool name peds
    Poolsize 256 and 456 for the custom one. Is that number the 'limit' on peds? I changed it to 1056 on my own and the only thing different was that gje game crashed a bit faster. Ideas?

  • @panayator use this gameconfig. i just updated it for 1.10 you will see the folders are numbered from 0 to 6 each new folder goes up in values so start at folder 0 and work your way up till one works. read the text files as they have helpful info if your game crashes. Inside each one of those folders there is a seperate folder called for addon peds which i raise values to help with addon peds.


    Also Open VisualSettings.dat


    Lod distances for peds


    To these new values below:

    Lod distances for peds

    ped.lod.distance.high 350.00
    ped.lod.distance.medium 780.00
    ped.lod.distance.low 1000.00
    pedincar.lod.distance.high 120.00
    pedincar.lod.distance.high.x64 240.00

    Ped models will have slightly improved LODS and clothes or ped textures will disappear less.

  • Correct. Increase values too much and the game will crash upon loading.

    Increase them just enough and you'll be able to hold more peds/weapons /vehicles.

    But after a certain amount of time the game will run out of memory.

    Since I've put my gameconfig.xml on steroids I haven't been able to play for more than an hour without a CTD :/

  • @Willief23 thanks a very very lot man, I've only tried #3 up until now and it works like a charm. Thankss

  • @ReNNie on steroids LMAO :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:
    Wasn't hard to guess the game would crash on high figures :P Willie's file has many option and it's just perfect.

  • @panayator not for me when I try to combine my dlcpacks containing add-on packs with 750 vehicles, 20 heli's, 60 bikes, 250 peds, 5 weapons, and some retexturing in add-ons. Steroids is the new meth don't you know.

  • @ReNNie JESUS CHRIST I have like 63 peds with like 4-5 replaced peds, 1 car, 2 addon weapons and 2-3 replacements those are my "steroids"

  • This post is deleted!

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