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GTA V First person driving animations changed.

  • About the recent update, adding special vehicles to stunts and more cars, though what I wanted to know, is not to do with the features added, but rather a feature removed, I noticed with the new update the first person driving animations was possibly changed and made to be more basic, previously, before the update you had the animation you had in 3rd person in which the character in SP or Online would lift they're hands realistically off the wheel to rotate when making a sharp turn, that's all fine in third person, but from my memory, not sure if I'm going crazy, but up until the recent update that animation was included with first person, and I noticed this instantly once I got into a vehicle, I've put over 1,300 hours into the PC version of GTA:O/GTAV and this has never been an issue, simply wanted to know is this a change that wasn't included in the update change log you put out, or if I'm delusional. Thanks for reading, I'd hope this is somewhat easy to understand.

  • @MrTForce You're delusional.

  • @MrTForce This is super old, and you probably already found this out, but vehicles that have been modified by Benny to become a "lowrider" make it so the player doesn't lift their hands to turn the wheel. Why? I have no idea. But I saw that too.

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