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How to find specfic building textures?

  • Any mod or way to find the textures for specific buildings that are in the game? I have an idea of a mod that I want to create by editing the textures to this paint shop building next to ammunation that is in the country side. I tried Map editor mod, its great but I can not select existing objects that are default in the game only props and objects that I spawn that's it.

    Please point me in the right direction thanks

  • Thanks man, I jotted down everything I need now I am having trouble locating them in OpenIV wherever building models are located under which archive?

  • @jgordonisone I haven't used the tool sorry, I had just seen other people use it for doing the same thing as you were doing. I thought it would give you that information in the output. Doesn't it show you the model name?

    Hopefully, someone who has used the tool for finding textures will be able to help more, sorry I can't offer much more than that. :(

  • @jgordonisone can you provide photo and location of this build ?
    ( country side is located from x64q to x64u )

  • Thanks guys, I did find it and I ran into another small problem, this sign I wanted to edit does not look like the actual texture file as I just did a quick edit of it and saved it and nothing changed here is the link to texture, I am clueless of where the sign is getting its texture from?


    Also here is the file path to the model mods\x64n.rpf\levels\gta5_hills\cityhills_01\ch1_04b.rpf

  • @jgordonisone said in How to find specfic building textures?:


    If you open that file in OpenIV, click on View Embedded Textures in the bottom right corner and you will see the actual texture.

    So you need to export the ydr, use this https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/texture-toolkit to extract the textures, edit them in the paint programme of your choice and then put them back using the same tool.

    What you have in that link of yours is a normal map.

  • I went through all that and there was one extra texture file in the Embedded textures I edited it and replaced it and nothing changed in the game still showing the default texture hmm.

  • @jgordonisone I don't even know where I am looking on the map, so unless you provide the info Shaezbreizh requested, I don't even know where to start looking.

  • Here is the image link bud of the location :)


  • @jgordonisone Thanks, I was hoping it would have shown up in this https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/codewalker-gtav-interactive-3d-map but it doesn't seem to show props. :(

  • @jgordonisone It is not going where you think it is. I run into this same problem quite a bit myself. What I try to do, is review other textures in the same archive to get an idea where it will be applied in-game. Sometimes it ends up exactly where I thought it would go, and other times not. The better way to do this, is take screenshots of various textures while in-game, and then go into OpenIV, and locate them by comparing your screenshots with textures in the appropriate archive.

    Caution: R* often embeds textures that are not actually rendered in-game. I have seen this time and time again, and have no idea why they do this...but it can make the process a bit more frustrating.

  • Ah ok, I downloaded codewalker myself and tried it out and had the same result but I actually like the program its much easier to use and have better luck finding the source.

    I am kind of exploring elsewhere to hopefully try to clone a sign from somewhere wlse on the map, I found a couple that I liked but upon opening the ydr file of the model its grouped with the building on the lot and do think I could unattach it if it was possible it would require a lot of effort probably

  • @jgordonisone You've multiple level of texture :

    normal ( name of the model without tag)
    +hi ( high quality often around 512 or 1024 format)
    +hidr ( medium quality often around 256 and 512)
    and the LODs texture ( bad quality that is rendered when being far from object )
    You may need to edit all that level to get the expected render IG ( except Lods that are too hard to edit and rendered too far to be seen for this kind of object anyway)

    Also, the texture are not all in the file that is nammed as the model, for exemple the texture you're searcing is probably here > GtaV\x64n.rpf\levels\gta5_hills\cityhills_01\ch1_04b.rpf\ch1_04b_town+hi.ytd
    isn't it ?

  • Ah ha found it! Thanks man. But yea I don't get that tho why wasn't it with the model itself instead they scatter them elsewhere. Rockstar has their priorities messed up with their format as its not as simple when modding Gta San Andreas back in the day.


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