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  • Thor Mod WIP
    @stillhere (Script, Animations, FX)
    @JDHauser (FX, Graphic design, Mjolnir Model)


    Mjolnir Buff
    Raise Mjolnir and call down the almighty power of Thor to buff all attacks including melee.

    Power Bar
    Charge your powers for extra multiplied damage!

    Mjolnir Throw
    Throw Mjölnir at your enemies or simply to clear a path - You are able to call Mjolnir back at any time!
    You may also select multiple targets before throwing Mjolnir.
    Mjolnir will keep targeting the last target you set, but it will also target peds or vehicles that you melee!
    Note: Mjolnir can be thrown while flying, in such cases Thor will fall until the player calls Mjolnir back to the player.
    Note: On the ground if you miss your target there's a chance you will have to find Mjolnir.

    When not wielded by Thor, Mjolnir will display an icon on mini-map/ map of its current location.

    Storm Of Asgard
    Raise Mjolnir to the skies and strike down with devastating damage.
    Note: Charging while buffed will increase damage to x16!

    Lightning Strike
    Aim at your targets and blast them with an electrical charge. Usable while hovering.

    God Blast
    Point and cause havoc with Thor's true Godly power. Usable while hovering.

    Fly / Hover
    Hover with spinning Mjolnir or fly across the world of Los Santos.

    Air Dashing and Double Jumping
    Quickly dash towards enemies, or just get around quicker when you don't have Mjolnir with you.

    Combat Rolls
    Throwback to the Captain America mod!

    Arial Melee
    While flying, Thor can release a electrical spin damaging the target up to 4 times. Try pinning vehicles between you and a wall.

    BiFrost Teleport
    Raise Mjolnir and call Heimdall to teleport you to your chosen destination.
    Note: Waypoint must be selected.

    Quick Teleport
    Use Quick-Teleport to teleport to the destination of Mjolnir.
    Note: Mjolnir must be away from Thor for this feature to work.

    Super Strength
    Strength of Asgard. Lift, throw and destroy objects mortal men can't.

    Combo system
    Lay the smackadown with the God Of Thunder, even in the air.

    Enemy Feature (Incomplete)
    Familiarize yourself with the controls... this lil' punk will kick your Asgardian butt.

    Ally Feature (Incomplete)
    ..This guy will save your Asgardian butt.

    Odin Force
    Summon the Odin Force to aid you in your battles with x20 damage, you will cause havoc.
    (30 sec duration)
    Note: Requires 'conditions' to be met




    v1 Progress:

    • New Mjölnir model ----------(100%)

    • Animations --------------------- (100%)

    Thor Script

    • Super Strength -------------- (100%)
    • Mjolnir Ground Smash -- (100%)
    • Instant Buff ------------------- (100%)
    • Mjolnir Throw ---------------- (100%)
    • Flying with Mjölnir --------- (100%)
    • Combo System -------------- (100%)
    • Sound FX ------------------------ (100%)
    • Visual FX ------------------------ (100%)
    • ..and lots more ----------------(100%)

    Updates will be posted in this thread and pinned on this post. Any ideas are welcome, please take in to consideration this is a Thor mod so please no requests for lazer eye beams.. also please appreciate the time and effort going in to this mod.
    Sillhere and myself have a great vision for where we want this mod to be.

    The features listed above is the current plan for version 1 release.



  • What do I think? This could be a winner.

  • @JDHauser Is pretty similar to the actual Captain America with shield combat mod, Just needs the main feature of Thor, the thunder control but that is fully controllable with scripting.

  • @Rarefacer very true! But after speaking with @stillhere, there isn't a Thor hammer with collision just yet.. trying to come up with something myself, but we'll see lol (not a modler..)

  • @JDHauser Not problem, is a simple prop and exists Mjölnir free models, I can do it with collision and f**n heavy like the real, I want to see a Thor mod. Who can I send the hammer to?

  • @Rarefacer Nice! If you could i would be extremely grateful!! .. was up til 6am reading up on this shiz.. I managed to find a high poly Mjölnir model .obj model which i converted to a .3ds file, not sure if this is any good to you?

    For now, I am under the impression @stillhere is up for the challenge but was halted due to no collision model etc

    and damn right, I've been waiting patiently for a Thor mod, we need to get this ball rolling!!

  • @JDHauser I'm working in one model now, is detailed and I'm optimizing it for videogames. Later I'll show screenshots.

  • @Racefacer McLegend!

  • @JDHauser The model is ready, how can I send?

  • @Rarefacer Very nice!!

    I have messaged @stillhere and asked if he is willing, i also message @JulioNIB yesterday but no reply as of yet..

    These are the only two guys I know capable of bringing this project to life, anyone else is of course welcome, any connections @Rarefacer ?

  • @JDHauser I'd like to work on it. But I'm also very open to anyone that wants to work on the script too. Rarefacer? I see you have experience in programming, it would be cool to work with you on this. I can provide some stuff from the Cap mod as a base. If not, that's alright :)

  • @stillhere @Rarefacer Feel free dude, I'm not sure how much work Rarefacer is willing to put in but to bring a Mjölnir collision model to the table, i feel its half way there.

    Throwing script would be pretty much the same as the cap shield mod but differ slightly
    I.E. Throw - Hit enemy - Return back to hand - some sort of a quick attack i guess?

    Ground smash would be very similar to hulk ground smash but no jump and hammer hitting the floor, really with the same desired effect as the hulk jump smash but different animations?

    Fly with spinning hammer.. no clue, assuming this is purely down to animation
    I.E. Raise hand - spin hammer - fly!

    I can see the lighting effects being tricky though with ground smash etc.. just wish i had more experience to bring to the table. Anything i can help with i will be more than happy.. I'm good with photoshop.. so maybe a kick-ass poster when the mod is done ;)

  • @JDHauser a kickass poster would be awesome :)

    I think your ideas are very possible, I am just concerned about finding the best or closest animations haha. I haven't experimented with effects much, and flying physics at all, so this will be new for me :grin:

  • @stillhere then it is agreed! :D

    I hope so! I guess it isn't anything new we haven't seen before, from Captain America mod to the Hulk mod but I don't really have the experience to have an opinion haha. I understand the animation side of things though.. can not be easy!

    Have been waiting a while hoping for a Thor mod to pop up but sadly, nothing.

    My gratitude to both of you!

  • @JDHauser JulioNIB generally is focused in his job and projects and sometimes accept mod requests when is empty his ToDo mod list, so not connections for now.

    @stillhere I offer Mjölnir with pleasure, Thor is a mod with potential to be impressive. My time is limited and that's why I do not usually get involved with projects and script development. I just can offer a part like the Thunder Control with its visual effects. I want to see and play this mod yeah!

  • @stillhere Was thinking last night.. it would be pretty cool to have Mjölnir have a delay on returning if you miss the target, quite like the Captain American mod!

    Same principles really:

    • miss a target - delay on returning - can get lost which player will have to find, maybe a blip on the map?

    Is there a way to make Mjölnir return back to the players hand directly? Noticed Capt Americas shield sometimes does the HulaHoop xD

    Also thinking about how Mjölnir should interact with impacting vehicles.. I believe @Rarefacer added the weight properties to Mjölnir so this should just be a case of hitting the vehicle which gets pushed back 10feet or so?
    Guess this really depends if 'Hammer Throw' will be a chargeable attack as well as a quick attack mentioned in my opening post? Obviously charging the attack will have increased impact force with electric effects.

    About the Hammer smash (ground).. been thinking.. I dont think this should have a 2 mode attack like i mentioned in first post, I think it should just have one attack and this is raising Mjölnir in the air, connecting to Electricity and slamming on the ground, causing a fair bit of Area Damage. plus i'm assuming this will be easier to script :P

    • Super strength, self explanatory

    • Flying with Mjölnir shouldn't be too difficult but what do i know ;) but this will mostly rely on animation

    @stillhere @Rarefacer what do you think?

    I will message the creator if agreed but was thinking this would be a good model to base the mod around?

    @stillhere, I might be able to help you out regarding animations..
    I was messing about with this.. then realized i could apply animations so finding the correct or closest animations for what we need, i will be able to do!

    alt text

  • @JDHauser If you find better models of Thor, I can convert to GTAV with realistic materials and I'm in a research of a realistic cape.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @JDHauser About the abilities:

    Mjolnir returnning is a little different behavior than Cap America's shield. In the movies we see the throw of Mjolnir but only backs when is called by Thor with his hand opened. Can be a good feature with the blimp if is lost Mjolnir or any screen effect blinking if the player is near like a sensorial radar.

    Mjolnir realistic mass and heavy as hell For now, @stillhere is working with the normal version of Mjolnir, heavy like a small rock or an ordinary hammer. The heavy as hell version (little explanation) can smash any vehicle if is in its path, also if you drop it over a vehicle, the damage is so serious like a overwhelming combat tank, but the player can take it in his hand and is like a feather, not affecting the player itself.

    The flying with rotative Mjolnir is possible and the rotation of Mjolnir I think too. Can be a variable in the rotation attach values and can be changed for a constant when is active the flying, adjusting a little the position in hand too.

    Well, the other features I think are possible but @stillhere can say more with his script development.

  • @Rarefacer Have been looking.. only model worthy is $100...

    some nice Zbrush models,, though sadly no download.

    I will continue looking, any suggestions?

    @stillhere btw dude, the punch combo you included in the Captain America mod.. the jump punch NEEDS to be in the Thor mod xD

  • @JDHauser That is a pretty cool model but 100 bucks are 100 bucks, but is generally the price for any highly detailed character for videogames. Exists models from videogames but are not detailed. I can do a Thor from scratch but that is a cost of 100 bucks like showed in Turbosquid and nobody will to sponsor that. The alternative is take one of the models from videogames to be remodelled adding more details and resolution like I done with The Green Goblin 2014 for JulioNIB's mod and make it looks near to the movie, but somebody needs donate to sponsor that job.

    Suggestions: p3dm.com , 3dwarehouse.sketchup.com , http://tf3dm.com , sfmlab.com , deviantart.com (there looking for Xnalara models can appear good stuff) are good sites to search.

  • @Rarefacer I did consider this but didnt think adding more detail would be possible. I will get a model for you by end of today :)

  • @JDHauser In the 3d world everything is possible, even improve the unbeatable yeah! Thanks, tell us when the files are ready.

  • @JDHauser @Rarefacer
    Long post incoming!!

    I like the idea of having to look for the hammer if it is lost. I don't know much about the comics but I thought Thor can recall the hammer at will, as Rarefacer mentioned. Perhaps there is some kind of factor that can affect whether he can recall it or not, maybe distance?

    Yes, there is a way to return to the hand directly! I would have done it for the Cap mod but it made more sense (in my head) to have a more fluid return. For Mjolnir, we can make it that it returns in a straight line, perhaps obliterating everything in its path :D

    About the Mjolnir properties, Rarefacer knows all the possibilities; I had no idea it was even possible haha. There is a script function to damage vehicles visually, but perhaps we do not need to use resources in our code for that if the weight of the hammer can do it by itself!

    I like the idea of chargeable attacks; I've been thinking that maybe a fully charged attack can shock nearby entities, much like the Flash mod. Of course, more damage and more force as well.

    I completely agree with the Hammer ground smash. I would really appreciate if you are able to find nice animations for your ideas! It is even possible to chain sections of multiple animations together. So for example if you can find an anim where the player raises their right hand in the air, we can link that to the smash anim used in the Cap mod to create the hammer smash.

    Flying, may be a challenge for myself d: but it is not impossible! I think Rarefacer may have experience with this?

    Regarding combos: they will be there! I plan to make them a bit slower than the Cap mod; not the speed of the attacks themselves, but the startup time, if that makes sense. To compensate, they will be much more powerful. I also plan to make it possible to chain the hammer throw AND the hammer return as a way to keep the combo going. Will probably require a lot of testing, and perhaps skill by the user :D

    About a new player model, it is really up to you guys. If it is too expensive, please don't feel obligated!

    One last thing: I am approaching my finals, so the script will probably not have much development until about a month from now :( after that I can dedicate some hours almost every night towards it! In the meantime, I am slowly editing my code in the Cap mod so that it can be easily used as a base for the new mod.

  • @stillhere @Rarefacer Sure! I didn't want to say anything too complicated but if its something that can be done, sure, maybe a button to recall? Though, we don't want it to turn in to a button mashing event (throw, click, throw, click etc etc) the distance idea could work! I think a blimp is necessary haha

    Nice! I had a feeling that's what you was aiming for with Captain America but if you don't ask, you don't know :)

    Haha I bet, to me its something shiny with pretty patterns on xD sure there is a lot that can be done, i agree with your theory though about not having to add visual damage to vehicles - the weight property should take that in to account on contact! and yes, that would be awesome.. not only does it clear a path when thrown but also on the return!

    So Hammer ground smash chargeable? the longer you charge (arm in air, electricity etc) the bigger the Area damage?

    Or did you mean chargeable Hammer Throw? good idea though, dont think many Peds can outrun Thor ;)

    Combo idea is great, this unfortunately isn't something i can get my head around easily but i trust your expertise :)

    I have found a few animations i feel will suit the mod perfectly (with maybe slight adjustments to one or two animation) i have sent this in the group chat.

    Ah guys, if i had $100 change i would buy but sadly that isn't the case! However I'm certain we will make this in to an epic mod none the less, improvements later on are always an option!

    Understandable, i wish you the best for your finals! like always, anything i can do to help speed up the process, please say!

    As things start to fall in place I will update my opening post in the thread so viewers can see progress, who's involved with credits and any links if available at the time.

    All the best.. right, now to find this bloody Thor model...

    @Rarefacer Thank you for the links, sorry i didn't see your reply before i posted earlier!

    Models have been sent to Rarefacer.

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