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  • Omg. This will be the best mod ever, you guys took it to a whole new level 😍

  • Glad you guys are liking the updates!

    You'll hear more from us soon!

  • Glad to see!

  • Trailer: Firgot something ;)

  • When this mod is finished could you please check out my other requests?

  • @Armand33 I don't think there's an easy way to put those in game, and even then, I'm not sure where we'd use them. The second link is not working for me.

    @Brandon-Danvers Do you mean requests for the Thor mod? I'll place your quote here just in case:
    @Brandon-Danvers said in Thor Mod:

    We all know how cool the God of Thunder is. With the Spiderman script being updated and the Flash mod getting some new powers it's a shame nobody thought of making a Thor mod (or updating the old Electric Man mod) to work as a full mod.

    List of Powers:

    .Explosion (overload the human body with electricity, causing it to detonate)

    Electric Blast ( shoot out a small burst of bio-electricity, will drain a small amount of your meter)

    Lightning Storm ( Just as the name suggests, a raging tempest of electricity that destroys everything in its path)

    Immortality ( If your health turns red it begins to fill back)

    Lightning Dragon (summon a Lightning beast that detonates upon contact with your enemies, destroys everything in its path. Warning: will drain your meter)

  • @JDHauser I think you forgot the release date maybe:) hopefully today or tomorrow!!

  • @JDHauser Any updates on the mod?

  • Trailer: ;)

    @Zevs1 Haha ;)

    @Jazim Here's the official Thor trailer for the mod ;)

  • @JDHauser Woahh... looking great 👌
    When are you releasing it?
    I just can't wait 😍

  • @stillhere Yeah.

  • You going to add spawn enemy/ally feature?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Brandon-Danvers Yes. Thor mod originally was based from the Captain America Script by stillhere, which has this feature!

  • @JDHauser DAYYYYYYYYYMN DUDE!! i cant wait no more!! how much can we have to wait till the release?

  • @OVAT_SUG said in [WIP] Thor Mod:

    @JDHauser DAYYYYYYYYYMN DUDE!! i cant wait no more!! how much can we have to wait till the release?
    Ikr??!!! The hype is intense af!!! I can't wait!!!!!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thor Mod Release!


    Mjolnir Buff
    Raise Mjolnir and call down the almighty power of Thor to buff all attacks including melee.

    Power Bar
    Charge your powers for extra multiplied damage!

    Mjolnir Throw
    Throw Mjölnir at your enemies or simply to clear a path - You are able to call Mjolnir back at any time!
    You may also select multiple targets before throwing Mjolnir.
    Mjolnir will keep targeting the last target you set, but it will also target peds or vehicles that you melee!
    Note: Mjolnir can be thrown while flying, in such cases Thor will fall until the player calls Mjolnir back to the player.
    Note: On the ground if you miss your target there's a chance you will have to find Mjolnir.

    When not wielded by Thor, Mjolnir will display an icon on mini-map/ map of its current location.

    Storm Of Asgard
    Raise Mjolnir to the skies and strike down with devastating damage.
    Note: Charging while buffed will increase damage to x16!

    Lightning Strike
    Aim at your targets and blast them with an electrical charge. Usable while hovering.

    God Blast
    Point and cause havoc with Thor's true Godly power. Usable while hovering.

    Fly / Hover
    Hover with spinning Mjolnir or fly across the world of Los Santos.

    Air Dashing and Double Jumping
    Quickly dash towards enemies, or just get around quicker when you don't have Mjolnir with you.

    Combat Rolls
    Throwback to the Captain America mod!

    Arial Melee
    While flying, Thor can release a electrical spin damaging the target up to 4 times. Try pinning vehicles between you and a wall.

    BiFrost Teleport
    Raise Mjolnir and call Heimdall to teleport you to your chosen destination.
    Note: Waypoint must be selected.

    Quick Teleport
    Use Quick-Teleport to teleport to the destination of Mjolnir.
    Note: Mjolnir must be away from Thor for this feature to work.

    Super Strength
    Strength of Asgard. Lift, throw and destroy objects mortal men can't.

    Combo system
    Lay the smackadown with the God Of Thunder, even in the air.

    Enemy Feature (Incomplete)
    Familiarize yourself with the controls... this lil' punk will kick your Asgardian butt.

    Ally Feature (Incomplete)
    ..This guy will save your Asgardian butt.

    Odin Force
    Summon the Odin Force to aid you in your battles with x20 damage, you will cause havoc.
    (30 sec duration)
    Note: Requires 'conditions' to be met




  • Pretty fair guys, pretty fair but Ok, just don't tell me any thing more, never.

  • @Rarefacer I've pm'd you, if there is an issue, reply there.

  • @JDeez_Nutz I have the Thor Avenger and the Thor Ragnarok (yeah I wasted my time working in Ragnarok Thor skin this last week, but now I not will to release that by your unfair behavior), so, at least please delete all my images and adds to this mod and don't treat me like a child, cause I'm not interested in appear in this unfair "Team". Is all, Thanks in advance.

  • @Rarefacer Okay rarefacer, you have jumped on the end of the stick once again. The mjolnir model we included with the mod was something I knocked up quickly for the release.. ya know, as stillhere messaged you regarding your eta on your models and you said we were fine to release without. Mjolnir model is purely temporary.Which is mentioned in the Thor description.. did you even bother to read? Or just jump again?

    Unfair behaviour? Please explain.
    I'll also note, you chose to leave the team with the acception of you finishing the Thor & mjolnir models for us... now you want back in? You're not making this very clear.

    I'm not treating you like a child, again, explain how you got this impression.
    It is common curtsy to keep certain matters private, for the respect of others hence me asking you to reply to the pm.

    Regarding the process of the models - Your 'models' were never taken out of the Thor mod, why have you got this impression? What's with the jumping up and down?

    Again, I politely you ask you, adult to adult, if there is an issue, please respond to my pm - though please note, and this is my personal opinion, you are completely over reacting over this.

    And sure, I'll do that now if you are certain with your decision, though 'this' issue is made up from purely thin air.

  • @JDeez_Nutz You're a not serious guy for that I can't take care about your impressions, just delete my contents of this mod, I never want be part of any unfair modding team, at least respect that, don't be noob.

    Edit: Thanks.

  • @Rarefacer No mate, I'm a very serious guy and like my maturity to reflect around my age.. that being said, i'm 5 years younger than you, maybe take a note?

    At least don't be a complete douche and fill up this thread with unwanted BS, reply to my pm like the 'big adult' you once claimed to me you are.

    End of.

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