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  • @JDHauser I think the same key/button combination to throw and recall the hammer would work, yes? And after x amount of seconds, if it still does not return, you must look for it? But of course, if it hits a ped, vehicle, or prop/object, it will return automatically.

    If need be, we can increase the visual damage even more with code. I think we might need to for chargeable attacks, which are the Hammer ground smash and the Hammer throw for now. For the throw, a longer charge can equal a faster and harder hit. For the smash, a wider range and more power :D

    Thanks for the best wishes, and thanks for the model as well!!

  • @stillhere Good idea, i think this would work! How are you with implementing sound files within the script?
    ''Mjölnir to me'' ..I will see what i can find if you'd like anything in particular, let me know!

    I agree, charging attacks should release 'the fury' as they say, thus more damage :)
    For chargeable Throw, maybe not much faster than standard Throw but definitely a bigger impact? what do you think?

    Ground smash will be epic xD

    No problem! I am extremely grateful (and i'm sure many others) that you and Rarefacer have taken on this project, especially with personal life goals ..lets say, getting in the way ;) haha good luck dude!

  • This looks very promising!:)

  • The Thor's hammer "Mjölnir" heavy working (no scripting, only physics):

    alt text

    Effect on peds:alt text

  • @Rarefacer Nice! liking the shattered windows xD

  • Thor's Mjölnir hammer, video showcase:

    No scripting, only physics. Fully compatible with Rockstar editor.

    Was used a very simple script, so hammer on hand position and other behaviors are not polished, is just to show the hammer "heavy as hell" behavior.

  • Franklin is worthy.

  • @Rarefacer looks great already! Do you guys have a ped to go with this, or not yet?

  • @ismailmoustafa0802 There is something in the works ;) @Rarefacer

  • @JDHauser I have used NAudio before, though it seems some users have trouble with it. There is also the Windows sound library that should work for everyone I think. Sound might be implemented at a later time though, when we have most things functioning.

    For chargeable throw, we can make bigger impacts, sure :)

    I've been looking at some of Mjolnir's powers and I gotta say, I knew probably less than 10% of them haha! Now I'm thinking, since the trajectory of the hammer can be changed mid-flight, I kinda want to do something like that in the script.. not sure which way to go about it though, but once we try out various ways it should be easier to determine our best course of action. I'm thinking something like the multi-target in the Cap mod, except that you select your targets while the hammer is in the air instead of before throwing it, and it can be done as long as the hammer is still in the air!

    @Rarefacer wow!! It looks amazing! I wonder, is it possible to make it even more heavy? Would that be hard to do? Or is that too overpowered?

  • @stillhere Okay, thats fine and too be honest In was having a bit of hassle getting hold of some of the sounds, not impossible though!

    Just had a quick look through,.. I think i'm with you on that xD sure, sounds like a great idea and completely agree, trial and error as they say :)
    Multi-target in slow mo (a bit like Red Dead Redemption)? So Once Mjolnir has been thrown we will have time to select the targets in its path etc? Being done only while Mjolnir's is in the air is a good idea, will give more freedom and not limit us to adding more variations of hammer Throw later on!

    One thing i did notice about @rarefacers clip, franklin didn't drop Mjolnir for long (like 0.5 - 1second) so i think the weight properties might be heavy enough, you can see how the car spasms when left slightly longer. I think the right behaviors would be down in the script but again, what do i know :P

  • @JDHauser Don't wanna mess around but just wanna say custom animations are not possible :)

  • @AHK1221 We wont be using custom animations :) i believe @stillhere mentioned above (or in group chat) that is it possible to combine 2 animations together.. it is also possible to have just certain parts of the animation working too. The animations we have found so far seem to fit but we wont know fully until we start testing with script :)

  • @Global-Moderators Please can you move this thread into 'Releases and WIP' :heart:

  • I know you haven't got to sound yet but upon activating the script using Anthony Hopkins who ever possess this hammer if he be worthy shall possess the power of Thor would be a cool touch.

  • @Ed3575 Like an intro sound when activating the mod? Awesome idea!

    We haven't fully decided if we are going to implement sound files yet, our main priority at the moment is getting the script where we want it to be and everything working together - saying that, it would definitely be a cool touch!

    We should have an update over the next couple of weeks, stillhere & Rarefacer have both started work on the script and FX :)

  • Update by Rarefacer
    alt text

  • @JDHauser looks incredible! how is the progress going?

  • Looking good!!

  • @ismailmoustafa0802 Rarefacer is doing an amazing job! Going well, stillhere and rarefacer have been quite busy recently, progress is coming along but expect more frequent updates really soon!

    Rarefacer is working on a nice surprise regarding Thor model!

    Watch this space ;)

  • hows this mod doing?

  • @ismailmoustafa0802 we've been busy with other things but it's coming along. Flying should be almost 100% complete, as well as melee attacks.

  • @stillhere great news keep up the awesome work!

  • @JDHauser said in [WIP] Thor Mod:

    @AHK1221 We wont be using custom animations :) i believe @stillhere mentioned above (or in group chat) that is it possible to combine 2 animations together..

    @AHK1221 said in [WIP] Thor Mod:

    @JDHauser Don't wanna mess around but just wanna say custom animations are not possible :)


    I think @jedijosh920 might know a thing or two about custom animations. Maybe try asking him?

  • @sollaholla Using custom animations is impossible. By that I mean creating custom animations.

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