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  • @AHK1221 Is possible, exists the magical "IK chains", we just need to make it happen, guide the parts of the character towards their target like in any last generation game and our GTA V includes that useful function. For Thor is not so necessary new animations, the blending yes, finally other great modders can reach mix animation frames to create news.

  • @AHK1221 He told me he knows how to add custom animations (I think by that he meant external animations not already in the game) :shrug:

    EDIT: Ok let's stop, don't wanna hijack this thread.

  • @Rarefacer Yes, but at this moment there are no tools that allow that.

    @sollaholla Huh? He knows how to edit exiting animations and/or creating new ones? I'm just gonna say, atm there is no way to edit ycd files. At least any way that is available to the public.

  • @AHK1221 Nope I found a way to use custom animations! PM me if you need.

  • @jedijosh920 Really? That's cool! I'd like to learn more about it; I'll PM you soon.

    @sollaholla thanks for tagging Josh! GooD-NTS mentioned it being possible and it's got me excited lol, didn't think there'd be a way so soon.

    @Rarefacer I agree, for this mod it wouldn't look bad with the current in-game animations; maybe some IK movement on the arm when spinning Mjolnir.

  • @AHK1221 Who needs tools? Exists another way for short and no complex animations creation. Later we can see the always good work from Black Rage Project Research guys.

    @stillhere Yeah, maybe just the IKs from forearm to hand can be enought.

  • update on progress?

  • @ismailmoustafa0802 Will be testing combo features/ flying any day now!

  • awesome cant wait:)

  • Can you update the progress bar, i am really hyped for this:)

  • Progress update:

    • Thor Script
      - Super Strength (100%)
      - Combo System (90%)
      - Mjolnir Throw (80%)
      - Mjolnir Ground Smash (75%)
      - Flying with Mjölnir (50%)


  • is there a set release date? btw hows the progress doing?

  • @ismailmoustafa0802 No release date set as yet, have extended the potential release to July '17.

    Latest update:

    Rarefacer is working on animating Mjolnir as a weapon - has encountered a few bugs which he is working through.

    Stillhere should be finishing most of, if not all of Thor's special features by end of June.

    Pics and videos will be added when we have something to show - working out bug fixes and glitches is what takes the time :(

  • Is this Mod still being developed?

  • @JDHauser If you want i Can create an OIV Package for you. But only when it is needed.

  • @CSQ574 Sorry for the delay! Been working on the Quinjet.

    Sure! I mean we haven''t got that far yet - i still have to find a lot of fx for @stillhere (On it asap xD ) but when we do, depending on how the mod is set up that could be an option :)

  • This mod is awesome as hell!

  • @ultimate-M Thanks!

    We should have some big updates for everyone pretty soon and hopefully a release by the end of the month!

  • @JDHauser a showcase video would be nice

  • @ismailmoustafa0802 @ultimate-M We will be releasing a video showcase pretty soon, once we have the files ready for beta testing - I have send stillhere some fx and Rarefacer a few models, i believe Rarefacer is making improvements to the model/making new.

    Stillhere is busy with the FX, combo system is pretty much done but a few tweaks to get it where we want it.

    Stillhere & Rarefacer are the brains behind this mod.. unfortunately until we have the files ready for beta testing, I wont be able to make a video show case.

    We have ideas and plans regarding release/progress - we wanted this mod out 'last week' (not literally but figure of speech) but we all have personal life's and responsibilities.

    Everyone has been really patient which we greatly appreciate, unfortunately this isn't a job we are getting paid for thus we have to prioritize our responsibilities and add progress to the mod when we can.

    Trust me guys, we really want this mod out but we have to do the hard part first.

  • @JDHauser Updates?

  • @ismailmoustafa0802 When there is something new or worth mentioning, it will be mentioned.

  • Ok I am just looking forward to this

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