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Making a livery: Need translation help! Thai -> English

  • Hello,

    So I am making a Thai police truck livery, and I have a problem with getting a translation:

    สภ.แก่งโสภา = ???

    Translate says Kaeng Sopa. But I think this says Kaeng Sopha something...? I need a translation. I don't know :D

    I am ready to release the design, I just need to write the correct words on the back of the vehicle....I think I made a mistake.

  • @Dekurwinator Thank you!

    So the livery I'm making. The back of the truck should say:

    Kaeng Sopha Police Station

    Police Kaeng Sopha

    Yes, I made a mistake oops....

    EDIT: I fixed some errors and uploaded the livery. Thank you.

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