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Auto Aim working for people in cars & Get Up Faster Mod

  • One thing that really pisses me off in GTA V is that the auto aim doesn't work for people in cars.

    Often times, I want to teach a ped in a car what happens when you run into me, or run me over.

    The problem is, when I try to aim at them, the auto aim flicks over to some random old lady on the sidewalk that doesn't deserve a bullet. It is quite stupid. The auto aim works for people on bikes. Why not people in cars?

    I was hoping that someone could make a mod that fixes that.

    Also, another idea that I have for a mod is to make your character get up faster. When you get knocked over by someone in a car, your guy takes FOR EVER to get his lazy ass up! It would be cool if we could tap a button to make him get up faster. The native that is used to control the character's animation speed can be used here to make the character get their ass up faster so I can rail gun the person that just ran me over.

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