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Map Texture Problem

  • I dont know what happens. I play the game for 5-10mins, sometimes less than that, then the road gets blurry, the sound of the radio and engine stops and the game freezes for 2-3mins then I play for 2-3mins then does it again. First, I thought its because of some of my mods but i did a clean install and the problem still happened, and my PC specs are fine: i7-6500U, 16GB RAM, and 4GB NVIDIA GeForce 940MX. Please Help

  • Hy!! I had a problem with "Initialisierung" i dont know in english... my game crashed and i got the message "Initialisierung fucked up"....
    i have too nvidia geforce, i found something in net with same problem...
    I install the latest nvidia driver, but not "Express install"
    "Costum install" and in costum install you have a point,
    complet new install...!! And now i never had this problem

  • @alex20121981 Does that have anything to do with this question? If not, please start a question thread for your own problem.

  • @LeeC2202
    i mean "driver update" NVIDIA
    i wrote to him...maybe its help
    ..dont write again to me

  • @alex20121981 Ah, sorry, I misunderstood... I thought you were having problems with driver updates... I apologise. :blush:

  • Tried it but nothing worked.. Any more suggestions ?

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