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It's possible to sort your own mods by first upload date or in custom sorting?

  • example i want update my old uploads but i dont want them bring to the first place in my "uploads" list

  • @erfet You have a couple options:

    1. Update the mod but I won't update the version, so it will stay at the end of your uploads list, but it will stay at wherever it is in the categories list, too

    2. Remove the mod from your profile/uploads list, but you still have control over updates and description editing. This will also remove any statistics from this mod on your profile like download counts, etc. You requested that I do this for one of your older mods in the past, and I did that. So I could do it again for whatever other files you, you can just PM me with the list.

  • thanks your reply @rappo
    i thinks the first method better for my car mods if the statics & dl counts gonna work after this change, i would like to turn off my every old mod before S14 Kouki but keep it for the 240sx bn sports (i will update this later).

    thanks so much!

  • if good for you when i want update one of my old mod i will type in the description somwhere: "please dont update the version"

  • @erfet Yep that sounds good, thanks

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