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I need help with GTA5 trainers


    @LeeC2202 Yep, when that happens, you definitely have modified files outside of the mods folder which causes this small "update".

  • @LeeC2202 I installed Rageplugin and got this,
    I disabled Windows Defender , tried restarting my PC but it didnt work , I right clicked on scripthookv.dll and it doesnt say blocked or something , can you give your skype and help me trough there?

  • @Apelops I don't use anything like Skype or anything communication related, just this forum.

    I also don't understand why you would try and install another plugin when we're trying to diagnose a problem with the existing ones... you're just adding further complications, into an already complicated problem.

    You don't need Rage Plugin to run TrainerV, you need the 4 files I listed. If you can't get those 4 files working, nothing else will work... at all.

  • I've got a original GTA5 Folder where nothing is modified in , I made all my modded GTA5 Folder copies from that folder

  • @Apelops said in I need help with GTA5 trainers:

    I made all my modded GTA5 Folder copies from that folder

    And there is your problem... you can't do that, it doesn't work that simply.

  • What should I do then? I want a clean copy of GTA5 so I can go online , it worked before the update ?

  • If you are planning on having multiple folders to run mods, there are certain conditions that they must all comply to.

    1. They must all be on the same drive.
    2. They must all exist inside the same parent folder.
    3. Only one folder can be active at a time and that folder must be named as it was when you originally installed it.

    So if you have Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto V - Mods, when you want to play mods, you have to rename Grand Theft Auto V to something like Grand Theft Auto V - Online and rename Grand Theft Auto V - Mods to Grand Theft Auto V.

    The registry can only point to one folder, so any copy of the game, has to appear as that one folder.

  • im so stupid lmao , let me try this

  • Now you can see why I asked that question in the very first post I made. :slight_smile:

  • thanks , im an idiot lmao , but yeah thanks!

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