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invalid model

  • Hi, i'm new and i have a problem. So, i installed new cars and 2 cars are working but when i added onother car i can't respawn this car because the game isn't found this model. Can someone tell me hot to fix it? Thanks for help ;)

  • Is it addon? You must edit dlclist.xml and extratitleupdatedata.meta. extratitleupdatedata.meta is depends on what you are going to install.

  • @EDGeNA said in invalid model:

    and extratitleupdatedata.meta


  • @ReNNie Yeah. So I said depends on what you gonna install.

  • @EDGeNA There isn't actually any use for extratitleupdatedata.meta, in any mod on this site.

    Only Rockstar make use of that file, so anything telling you to change it should be ignored.

  • @LeeC2202 Okay. I just strictly followed the order of Readme.txt :)

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