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Is it possible to install mods from GTA 4 in GTA 5 ?

  • Probably a dumb question, but i just wanted to know...

  • Nope

  • @HeySlickThatsMe Thanks for the answer

  • I tried by renaming the vehicle files XD game crash

  • Oooo I bet you pissed off V's memory so bad


    Two different games. Answer is nope just as above. But some vehicle and script mods can be brought into gta 5 provided the author of those mods gives unlocked files to change them from 4 to V

  • ^ and also textures
    but still you need to replace them with your own locations (because liberty is not in GTA V)

  • @ReNNie Soon™

  • Installing text file mods:
    Lots of information of GTA IV are stored in text files. This is a overview of the most important ones:
    carcols.dat - specifies colors of cars
    cargrp.dat - specifies groups of cars and peds. Only police officers are driving police cars, for example
    handling.dat - this files provides some information about the handling of cars (z.B. weight, horsepower, etc)
    timecyc.dat - data of the weather conditions
    vehicles.ide - determines where and how often specific cars appear
    visualsettings.dat - contains information about visual effects like rain
    WeaponInfo.xml - data of weapons (ammunation, fire rate, etc)
    Most of these text file mods have to be installed by replacing the existing files.

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