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How do I upload files to Mega/Mediafire on here? (My file size is 150mb)

  • So, I have a new mod that I wanted to upload, but due to the file limit, I can't upload.

    I know some people here have somehow had their files on here, but when you download, you get taken to Mega/Mediafire, and I was wondering how do I do that?

    My file is already uploaded to Mediafire, but I can't see any way to tell "the page" my file is on Mediafire instead due to file limitations.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @TheNathanNS You need to provide the link to Rappo when you upload, upload a file containing the link and indicating this is the link so rappo check it and then he will do the link between download button and your mediafire file ;)

  • @TheNathanNS @Shaezbreizh I heard if you just upload a textfile with the mediafire hyperlink as the download. Then rappo should just redirect the download to mediafire


    What they said :point_up:

    @TheNathanNS I pointed it directly to Mediafire for you during approval

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