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[SCRIPT][WIP] VStancer


    I can leave away the height modification, which should give less problems with bouncy wheels, but I'd prefer to solve the thing. Kinda stuck though, so eh.

  • @ikt Please release an early "alpha" or just something I can have now to "test" haha. Looks so good.


    Not sure why everybody wants to "test" this, just say you want it :/ Aside from code itself, there isn't a lot to contribute lmao

    Anyway, it's up:

    Aside from a few misc things, the bouncy wheelie stuff is still there, but I added in the lowering stuff LSC uses, which is only visual.

    Also the Other stuff menu doesn't get saved, unlike the other things. Feel free to suggest things I could do to inject code because I have no idea. It should be pretty clear from the source what instructions should be skipped when.


    Managed to fix the wheels bouncing when setting height! :) This took a while, but turned out to be pretty easy if you knew what you were supposed to do.

    Testing ridiculous height:

    alt 🙈 text

    Giving the Dubsta2 a proper setup:


    A civvie Mesa3:


    Since this fix is rather sketchy, and there are probably much better options, I'll need to test things for a while and maybe explore other options.

    I really should start using not-CheatEngine for reversing functions ((((🤔))))


    Well this sucks, apparently the cheating scene for consoles knew about this stuff ages ago :(

    Wheel size 'n all.

    Oh well, at least I found visual wheel size (for custom wheels :/). Anybody got an idea where to look for physical wheel size?

  • Yeah, but that's for PS3, they have had all the time in the world to figure it out for that platform. Also outdated game :tongue:

    For PC you're the pioneer.

  • @ikt Hi, are you still working on it? Would be awesome. Thanks for all your effort

  • This post is deleted!

  • so im trying to use this mod with R* editor and i found out that in the actual editor the track width gets reset. I no longer have the HELLA FLUSH fitment i had previously when i was actually ingame

    EDIT: this only seems to happen with the vanilla wheels already ingame

  • @ikt Hi man, why are you can't add support Vstancer to motorcycles? Features of you script will be awesome on bikes

  • Banned

    wheel width not working for meeee why u did it just only for newer version my version is 1.0.335 Sooo dont say download new patch coz i did and not working my gta isa cracked soooo i want it really for this version

    try to help me


    Try to buy the damn game if you care so much.

  • Is it possible to update the mod plz !!!

  • @Fenex_YT working fine, with latest update....

  • @ikON I thought he had to update it. Thanks

  • Nobody have been able to figure out how to prevent wheels from resetting in Rockstar Editor? :( I would hope it was possible since suspension doesn't have the same issue.

  • This post is deleted!

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