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I have a problem installing mods...

  • So, I wanted to install some mods on my game. However, every time I look up instructions, they all tell me to go to the files located in the STEAM folder. This is a problem, as I never bought nor installed the game through Steam. Can anyone tell me how or even if I CAN use mods despite this?

  • @gatzearing I can't find any that say to use the STEAM folder, they all just say Grand Theft Auto V.

    Can you link to a mod that says to use the STEAM folder? I am interested to see what type of mods are telling people to do this.

    As long as you have either the Retail, Steam or Rockstar Warehouse version, they all use mods in the exact same way.

  • @LeeC2202 Well, I mostly relied on Youtube tutorials to guide me visually, but most seemed to guide me to the Steam folder. Any mods I want to install (and I assume all mods in general) want me to install them in a /mods folder that doesn't exist.

  • @gatzearing I think you should go through this:

    It's not a YouTube video, but apparently they haven't been much help, I think you should do some reading. :smiley:

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