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(WIP) (MAP) Uhaul Center

  • Last few days I have been transforming this ragged run down paint shop that is next to ammonation in the country side converting it into a Uhaul Center that is turning out pretty good so far.

    What I have done so far
    Changed Sign
    Logp placed on building
    Applied new texture to part of wall
    roof, and garage doors behind the building
    Removed the gang tags from the building

    What planned ahead
    Retexture the windows, doors and rest of the wall

    The big part of this mod that I want to do is have a fleet
    of Uhaul large, small trucks and vans, trailers spawned in the parking
    lot next to building which in this case I would hope I can get permission from
    the authors to include Chevy Express Van w/ whoever made the Uhaul scheme for
    it as well as any other trucks I could use like Ford F150's that has moddable templates
    that I could include with my mod.

    Here are the images of my mod so far

    What do you guys think so far? Any suggestions or tweaks I should make?


    You could use the templated vanilla box trucks too? From Thero's upload. I personally would use those over custom models

    I do feel this location should not be a UHAUL. Just doesn't make sense really so to have in the countryside. That being said, your retexturing does look on par :thumbsup_tone2:

  • Thank you for your input I would definitely mix some of those vanilla box trucks in my mod, I never thought of that as it would make my job a lot easier editing the templates.

    As for the location not fitting the countryside, I had no other choice, I tried really hard wanting to find a spot in the city but all the buildings I like either had any parking lot to spawn the trucks or the buildings had 3D Logos attached to them, it would of been awkward editing them with that in the way.


    True. Well there is the location that I still plan on turning into a NAPA station but it doesn't feature a placeholder for the sign as you have now for the UHAUL

  • Trust me, up at my cabin, there are about two times as many storage centers as there are mini-marts (6) uhauls within 6 miles... UHauls are most definitely in the countryside. @ReNNie


    @TheLoneWolf293 now you got me curious as to how that cabin and it's surroundings look like :)

  • My cabin is in a place called Heber. It is a town shared with Overgaard in Az and is about 150 miles from Phoenix. The whole town is about 7 miles squared. The town is basically there because there was a freeway and people need a place to stop. The main road continues for a long time, but the part of Heber/Overgaard is about 3-4 miles long.
    It has an apiary which I love in and I think 3 general stores. When you continue to show low which is also a rural place and it has more storage centers then we do.

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