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[FEATURE][IDEA] Comment upvoting and downvoting system on main site

  • I've noticed some people say negative things some say nice things. When people say nice mod I think it would be easier to upvote and notify the user who posted it. and if someone says something negative you can downvote it. It may remove clutter of comments from the author saying thanks too.

  • This has been suggested three times previously and rejected the same number of times.

    The last topic I commented on over this has partially been deleted but my comment remained, so I will repost what I said there to save me typing it all again.

    I seem to remember this idea, or something very similar was voiced recently. The outcome was pretty much that voting on what people say can lead to negative consequences, especially if one user rates badly for a legitimate reason and then the author and the author's supporters decide to seek retribution by mass downvoting the comment.

    I have already seen a lot of hate directed to users who don't rate 5 stars or have legitimate grievances and I think this kind of thing could simply lead to less people voting.. or even worse, less people downloading.

    Perhaps a more interesting twist on the idea, would be to have the option only on the author's comments. That way, the users could make their feelings known about how the author is responding to users. Although saying that, it would probably just make some authors comment even less than they do already, when a problem arises.

    I personally would prefer to see the ratings made independent of the comments. Most of the problems with the rating system is that it identifies those people who don't like something and I think they should have the freedom and protection to dislike something without retribution. I mean, what happens if the author gets his buddies and says "Hey, let's all downvote the comment of that person (or any person) who doesn't like my mod"? Suddenly you have handed the author a vengeance tool.

    I mean consider this, if someone rates your mod 5 stars and simply says "Nice", that's acceptable. If someone else rates your mod 1 star and simply says "Bad", that's not acceptable... how is that a fair system? People shouldn't have to justify why they dislike something, any more than they have to justify liking something... but they do.

  • @LeeC2202 I see exactly what your saying. The maybe just upvoting or liking comments. No negativity

  • @NotCrunchyTaco said in [FEATURE][IDEA] Comment upvoting and downvoting system on main site:

    The maybe just upvoting or liking comments. No negativity

    Or maybe a "Thanks" option, that has no positive or negative connection at all.

    It is a pain when you have to thank several people in one go, so a non-committal "Thank You" might work... as long as only the author can use it.

  • @LeeC2202 YES! That is such a good idea!


    You know what would be neat? Having Dicord-like emoji reactions for each comment! And the author's reaction could have a special line or something to indicate it's special. :heart:

  • @ikt That's very cool! I would actually like to see that implemented! :)

  • Banned

    @LeeC2202 I totally and completely agree with you. This is true. If one likes something we just say that we like it and unless someone ask us why, we don't actually explain. Now on the other hand if someone dislikes they are already pushing you to change. I mean like were did our freedom went? Are we no supposed to conform to each other and be zombie clones? I don't think so. Were did the times were i don't agree with you,but we can still be friends went? So thank you for standing up for freedom.

    Sincerely, Picpic227 (Patriarcas)

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