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Passenger mod

  • I know that there are certain limits on passengers for certain vehicles but I would like to see a mod or a script that can take that limit away including the bodyguard limit the reason for asking is I know a lot about military vehicles and I would like to see a way to put more than just 4 in a military helicopters and a way to let bodyguards in the M1A2 mods firing the weapons as well the only vehicles that can hold more than 4 are the insurgent,barracks,the lexor civilian plane the rest don't even come close to that heck I know for a fact the C-130's and any major military transport can hold more than anything like I said before I would like to see a script or a mod that takes away the vehicle limits of the military vehicles and or civilian and take the limits off on the bodyguards I mean 7 only is kinda dumb especially with all these awesome trainers and what not there has to be a way to take the limits off.

  • lol I am surprised that no one seems to want more than 7 bodyguards or the ability to have more than 4 in a military helicopter

  • @TR71777 I don't think that anyone has been able to figure out how to have more than 7 bodyguards, from what I've seen.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 ahh ok I wished someone would figure it out lol and I wish there was a mod to where you can have more than 4 in a helicopter we both know that a military helicopter can carry up to 12 to 15 troops lol

  • Well, if there is space in the vehicle, why not, it should be possible.

    That is, by redoing the whole vehicle sitting system... yeah nope.

  • @TR71777 Larger seating isn't that difficult to do (cosnidering how many seats in certain game planes and such) except that it has to be done individually to each model in zmodeler, the only other way I can see would be a mod that makes the game think that a seat is empty when its taken and allows characters to keep sitting in the same seat

  • I think 16 is the maximum possible. The problem is that only certain layouts allow for so many people to sit somewhere (Titan, Miljet, Bus).
    Also, some setup are for Online only. In Online you can sit in the back of the Titan, but bodyguards in SP can't enter the rear seats. (whysoever). You can make custom vehiclelayouts, but quite frankly... I hate doing that, and I don't really have much of a clue on that either.

  • @Grofarator But that would still hit a limit wouldn't it?

  • @Grofarator well it be nice to be able to take all your bodyguards with you on any helicopter especially the military ones and any plane as well

  • @SkylineGTRFreak is correct, I've been unable to get more than 16 seats in a vehicle. It's not too terribly difficult to add more seats to a vehicle layout, but the issue is with entry/exit animations. The necessary clipsets simply don't exist for making peds smoothly enter/exit most vehicles. It's possible to configure seats for warped entry/exit, but AI-controlled peds can't seem to handle that very well, so you would need a script specifically designed for that. I'm working with skyline on some models that support more seats; you can check out his MH-65C Dolphin mod which is released as an example; it holds 7 peds if I recall correctly. Also the default Titan can hold something like 8 passengers in the back, but again, it's a matter of the script having a way to get them in there.

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