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Grand Theft Auto 5 has stopped working. (Help...?)

  • Hello, people of the internet. So, I've recently ran into A SHIT TON of trouble with Grand Theft Auto V. The game crashes before I even hit the loading screen, with a tab that reads "Grand Theft Auto V has stopped working." At first, I thought it was my newly installed reshade mod, but it wasn't. I uninstalled the game, then took the weapon/vehicle mods, along with some personal made clothes, and reinstalled them. Then I proceeded to install the scripts I usually run. I'll leave a screenshot of those, here: https://gyazo.com/a29470f840ba936198670fb83e068249

    This, is my main directory: https://gyazo.com/25da98c1307312eaa97cc43829f2a0d2

    The mods I have installed, are mostly vehicle mods, all of which work (The game recently just started crashing, specifically on March 22nd 2017. This is relevant, because I've tested all of these vehicles, aswell as weapons, and custom-made clothes, prior to this issue.) Along with weapons, most of which are from @Jridah, brilliant creator by the way. A gore mod, made by @jedijosh920, and another gore mod made by the one and only, @Zippo-Raid. I have ScripthookV/.net installed, as seen in the screenshot provided. Not sure what in the actual fuck happened, but it's frankly starting to piss me off that my game has decided to be a prick. But, I'm sure I have something in the wrong spot, and don't realize it, as I've read through all of the installed mod "read me" .txt files, and the description of mods, that do not include a "read me" .txt, in the .zip.

    I've uninstalled the game nine times in total, six of which have been within the last 12 or so hours, and obviously reinstalled, to still, run into this problem.

    My final conclusion, is I could use some help. I'm a dumbass, not the smartest guy ever. So, if any of you fine people here on gta5mods.com, would be able to help me, it'd be greatly appreciated. Any advice helps.

    Much love to the community. :fingers_crossed_tone2: :slight_smile: :metal_tone2:


  • @iSOCiO_x Have you updated your update.rpf when the new update for GTA O came out? Because that was why it was crashing for me. To update it, just copy the update.rpf from GTAV/update to GTAV/mods/update.

    Also, if you have installed mods like VisualV or addon mods, you will need to install them again since you're basically removing them. Install them like you would normally.

  • @AHK1221 Just tried the Update.rpf thing, and removed my add-on peds. I don't have ANY add-ons in the game now, but it's still crashing. Anything else it could be?

    Also, I have nothing like VisualV installed.

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