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Add on vehicles are not being recognized in native trainer

  • I think I"m following directions in regards to mod installations; installed Open IV and its required toolsets to enable the mods, created the MOD folder inside the Rockstar/GTA V drive, modified the dlclist/extralittleupdate, created folders for the car mods under dlcpacks folder, and even replaced the gameconfig XML with the one that has support for 100 cars.

    I utilized an XML editor to see if there were any errors any didn't find any, and tried utilizing the mod manager program to load the folder where I keep my modifications; yet, when I start the game and try to find the said vehicle with its native name of whatever mod creator listed it as, the game can not recognize the vehicle names under native trainer vehicle search. Folder URL under the dlclist is correct, and yet I can not find a mig, lp700, chiron, etc. Always states invalid! Every other alteration such as graphics or gun replacement mod is working, yet I have no idea what the problem is with generating the vehicles in game.

    Please help....thank you.

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