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[VEHICLE] Convertible car for gta v

  • Hey i have been thinking about how to make your own cars lower or raise their roof is it any thing you need to do in the vehicle.meta? Or is it extremley hard? If anyone know how to do it pls tell would be greatly appreciated.

  • @EqulizexD You have to make changes in Zmodeler.

  • @V4D3R Do you know what type of changes?

  • @EqulizexD I cannot really explain because I don't have enough knowledge in ZM. But I'm sure someone will answer.

  • @EqulizexD well changes like select the roof of the car and drag it down. in zmodeler 3. also don't forget to do the same thing for the collisions. its a simple thing. but can take time for a begininer.

    for raising it. do just the opposite of the above mentioned method.

  • So far I have seen only one car with a functional roof. (I'm not talking about vanilla vehicles)

  • @V4D3R I guess I should make one th@n ;)

  • Here is a list of what I have discovered to be convertible thus far-
    Coupe: Ubermacht Zion Cabrio, Ubermacht Sentinel, Lapadati Felon GT, Enus Cognoscenti Cabrio
    Sports: Dewbaunchee Rapid GT, Grotto Caronizzare, Obey 9F Cabrio, Benefactor Surano
    Sports Classic: Dexlasse Tornado
    Compact: Weeny Issi
    Let me know if I missed anything, hope this helps someone else as well! :)

  • @FoxtrotDelta ahh okey yea Iam gonna try that one out.

  • Hi @EqulizexD! For what I have experienced, at this time it's very difficult to make work a roof on a custom car, because it's not possible to edit the game's animations (.ycd files).

    To make properly work a roof, you need to create a custom animation, with all the movement parameters for every single component of the roof. The animation can be created in Zmodeler 3 (using the animation editor), but is still not possible to export it in a .ycd format and isn't also possible to put it in the game. So we have to wait for an OpenIV update that makes possible to view and export the animations of GTA V and a Zmodeler update that allows us to export custom animations in .ycd format.

    I'm working on two convertible cars: a Mini Cooper convertible and a Peugeot 307 CC. For the first one, I have created the animation on Zmodeler, and i'm waiting for the updates mentioned above (no idea when or if they will be released). For the Peugeot, I used the Carbonizzare .ycd file and I copied the axes to make them match to the carbonizzare's roof parts, and the results are good, but not perfect (you can watch a video on my Twitter, DaNi_9303). Besides, there is a bug that occurs when I spawn ingame a modded convertible car and a vanilla convertible car. One of them will be bugged when I operate the roof, making to move wrong parts such as doors or bumpers. I also tried to use other GTA V cars animations (such as the Issi or the Sentinel), but they didn't work at all.

    So I think that the better thing is to wait the two updates that I have mentioned above!

  • We need something like the great EPM but for GTA 5.

  • @danix93 usually you don't need, animation creator or tracker in zmodeler 3 for gta 5. you can look at the convertible cars of gta 5 vanilla and copy and paste same user defined properties on Roofs of the car or moving parts. that's what i do on aircraft. don't know if it will work on cars or not.

  • @AHK1221 said in [VEHICLE] Convertible car for gta v:

    We need something like the great EPM but for GTA 5.

    It would be awesome!

    Anyway @FoxtrotDelta as I wrote in the post above, I've tried that method, and it works but with very poor results. First of all, I noticed that only the Carbonizzare's roof animation (carbonizzare.ycd) can be used "properly" for cars who have similar roof operation (for example Ferrari California or Peugeot 307 CC). But the result isn't good. I tried to make a Mini Cooper Convertible with Issi's roof animation but it didn't worked. Same thing with an Audi TT RS Convertible, using the Surano's anim, it didn't worked at all. To be precise, the roofs operated, but with unacceptable movements. You can watch a test of the Peugeot 307 CC on my Twitter DaNi_9303.

  • @danix93 How do you even export the animations from the .ycd file? You wrote that you can't do it right now.

  • @AHK1221 Indeed. I just import the carbonizzare 3d model (carbonizzare_hi.yft) and copy the axes from the carbonizzare's roof parts to the new car roof parts, but the result is misplaced parts.

  • @radev222 tested it a few weeks ago

    Works perfect as add on

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