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modder out there to help me with a small mod creation

  • i need help working on a mod i cant figure out. if someone can help me with it, that would be great

  • @charles10241 You might wanna share what type of mod you're working on :)

  • @Carrythxd thats what i dont wanna do so nobosy takes it

  • @charles10241 So how is someone supposed to help you then?

  • @charles10241 Like GTATerminal above said, how is anybody supposed to help you then? If you don't wanna share the full idea, atleast share what type of mod it is going to be (vehicle, script, map, etc.)

  • sorry new to this lol its a script. to work with traffic in lspdfr

  • @charles10241 "thats what i dont wanna do so nobosy takes it

    lol Charles, this is the noobest comment I have read in this fourm so far. :D XD

  • @charles10241 - First off - i'm not posting this to help you build your mod, my interest in the GTA modding scene is purely technical interest and supporting the tryers who try to be original and maybe do things in an unusual way. I've done my GTA modding time and moved onto more productive stuff.

    As for getting assistance - a little reality check is in order :dark_sunglasses: ....

    1. Listen to what's already been pointed out, and beyond the sarcasm, they are essentially right.

    2. In the instance you'd choose to ignore 1., then here's my take on it -

    You'll have to share some info, some idea, irrespective on what info you need or level of help you need - nobody can offer you ideas, snippets or template solutions or anything substantial (like helping solve the logic framework you may bee, or just gaining a better understand of why such and such natives are better for a task even when they don't obviously seem to be the best choice).

    At best, you'll just (if you try to put an iron curtain around your idea and beg for help) get suggestions that are pure guesswork and when it's 'well that's my take on your unspoken mystery' guesswork, that's even less than useless. So don't go inviting that kind of 'useless' by shrouding the idea in an iron curtain.

    But since you mention it's LSPD:FR related/themed, your first port of call you should be aiming for are the subset of developers on here, and other forums, who have already either developed for that game extension and (in most cases) use RageHook, not ScriptHook as the preferred API/'hook'. So take a good look at their stuff, their posts on coding/development here and elsewhere, their contributions to other problem solving they offered to people and both learn from their ideas/contributions and also learn a bit about how they tick.

    That way, you'll be targetting the potentially interested, or those with a shared common interest in a modding dev route and gradually become part of a quite dedicated focused group who have actually achieved one of the biggest, very much alive and not 'hanging in there, just about' extensions and extensions to add extra content to it.

    If you've kept up so far, you'll understand why it's they you should be asking specifically.

    1. No matter how 'unique' or 'ingeniuous' you think your idea is, it's highly likely it's uniqueness is questionable since the overall LSPD:FR modding scene has been around a good while - it's not a reason to not give it a shot, but please keep the reality check in order :dark_sunglasses:

    As for 'ingenious' perception of it, in your eyes, well it's got to be something pretty bloody special to be that potentially ingenious that it's got to be shielded in an iron curtain of leakage paranoia - a level of ingenious it would probably never be given the company you'll be running in. And let's not be sugar-coating it, you'll be running with wolves and wolves will devour the weak link to protect the pack. That's about the norm for the game modding scene, sadly.

    In summary - really think out your idea, if paranoia of leakage is that bad in your mind, break it down into smaller ideas and tackle and seek help with smaller sub modules and learn from others how they pretty much do the same (as do all decent programmers for that matter). If you know what you are trying to do, practically can 3D visualize it in your head and can break it down in words as clearly and distinctly as you visualize it, you'll be able to give those who you ask for help some real bones of structure/concept to work with - after all, coding 'meat' with no skeleton/framework, is just dead meat and dead weight and a waste of coding time, research and problem solving something that can't exist beyond an empty proof of principle/'look at my awesomeness' one shot effort that's ego fuel rather than an achievement.

    So that's my contribution to getting some help, for what it's worth. I'll be returning to my hardware/software hybrid radio and E:D 'droids'.

  • @charles10241 you probably should also change the thread title to some like "looking for a scripter to help with a project..."

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