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Can't spawn MP cars (I am using the appropriate mods)

  • I have simple trainer and Menyoo installed. I currently have this mod installed to spawn the vehicles. When I go into simple trainer and try to spawn a mp car, it says Invalid model and on Menyoo, the cars are not in the list - which it was before. I remember last time it worked for me. I have ASIloader and scripthook installed. I don't understand why it's giving me trouble.

  • I am having almost the identical problem. However, mine says "car spawned" and the vehicle is no where to be found. There's a tiny bit of animation when I try to spawn from Menyoo but not on the other trainer I tried using to spawn cars.

    I haven't been able to spawn cars since updating to the latest script hook and nativeUI files...


  • @kolt I don't know if this is your problem or not but here's how I "sorta fixed" my problem..

    I wiped my HD and did a fresh install with the game. I then installed one (or two) mods at a time, load the game, and see if I could spawn cars. Doing this "fixed" my problem but I then soon noted I could NOT spawn peds. Stumped, I thought it was a map, which didn't make sense because its just a map as that was the last thing I installed before it stopped spawning peds. However, after I I did some more detective work. If I had "too many" peds or mods installed, it seemed to overtax my memory (I have 16 gb of ram) and crash the game and or cause that respawning problem for either cars or peds or even both... I don't have cars added onto the game as I'm not yet sure how to do that sufficiently and I'm not wanting to "swap out" one car for another.

    I'm not sure a config would fix this as I am very knew to GTA modding but currently I have the game working and have the majority of the mods & peds i want installed. Generally I think my game crashes when I have too much crap installed, I literally reinstalled the entire game three times this weekend to get to the root of the problem & this is what I came up with.

    Not sure it'll help but its at least a course of action you can try.


  • Delete MP Vehicles and use Menyoo Only
    Both mods interfere with each other and make it so you can't spawn the vehicles

  • @Grofarator when i installed both (MP vehicles and menyoo) then i couldn't spawn cars
    when i deleted MP Vehicles mod then it worked

  • @Grofarator i don't know , btw i use menyoo only and it works properly :v

  • @HeySlickThatsMe remove mpspecialraces ?

    @Grofarator I have the Steam game which is up to date. I just recently did a clean install

  • @kolt Yes , try it

  • @HeySlickThatsMe It doesn't list the car in the car spawner. It used to but not anymore. I have the latest update

  • I have never installed the MP to SP vehicle mod

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