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[Vehicle] [WIP] N.A.S.A MMSEV

  • Hi all,

    I'm trying to convert a model released by NASA, downloaded on their website.


    I opened the .obj in zmodeler3 and started to rename/reorder and attach model's objects but, on 2 big objects the attach function completly break the object (see below picture).

    MMSEV wreckedt

    I admit it, i've reached my knowledge limits, i searched on forums; youtube and google, but i didn't find any results;

    So, yes i asking for help, what did i did wrong ?

    Thanks for your help


  • @mistaputt That is a "bad polygons vertex per coordinate" issue, that happens with Zmodeler because use a limited array of poly coordinates and can't handle big meshes when exists some differences in the save staments by the modelling software and can't read properly that.

    The model is fine just need to do a re-export and that can fix the mesh topology before to import in Zmodeler.

    Use this software "3D object converter" (Pretty recommended) to import the model and the software do a proper division of the mesh, then just re-export in a new .obj, that sure will fix the issue and you can import fine to Zmodeler.

    Any other software can fix that like Okino Polytrans, MeshLab, Wings 3D, etc... Other not like 3ds Max or Maya.MMEV

  • This happens because you're exceeding the vertices limit per object which is something around 60k - 64k (not sure anymore). You should either split it into multiple objects or group instead of attaching the meshes.

  • @Rarefacer Ok i understand.

    It's true when i imported it, i had a zmodeler message saying that the object was to bug and have to be splitted.

    I'll try what you recommend and let you guys know.

    Thanks for your answer !

  • @Oskar that was my first thought too, but no it's under 64k, thanks !

  • First spawn!

    MMSEV dirst spawn

    Still a lot of work (colisions, suspensions, extras, lights, windows, handling, etc...) but the game didn't crashed on load and it's drivable ... without wheels (yet) ^^


    @mistaputt sweet!

  • progressing, now on its wheels !


  • Handling almost done !
    Steering is done

    Not finished yet but already fun to drive :)


    I need to figure (if possible) how to animate that pole/post with satellite antennas and cameras.

    Maybe using a feature/dummy from buldozer scoop ? I've seen some results about rotation during my search, in dummy

  • progressed on textures & object hierarchy in model structure.



    next : colisions

  • Still working on collisions and handling fine tuning.
    Texturing needs a bit of attention too but i can clearly see the progression and i learnt so much working on this model.

    Here is a quick potato-video-mockup, so you guys can see it moving around

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