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Request from an older gamer, daylight photos of your mods.

  • I'm new to the GTA modding, I'm a rather old fart and only recently installed the PC version in my work computer. I've really been enjoying the game with the great mods & crazy antics I can do with them. If it gives you an idea when the last time I modded a game, it was Duke Nukem 3D (not the new one that came out a few years ago, I'm talking about the one from 17+ years ago).

    Anyway, I really enjoy the mods but have ONE simple request. I see more than a handful of mods with sample pictures and they're all taken at night, in poorly lit areas. I am all for having a few night time shots, but please put a daylight shot in there for us old guys who have a harder time distinguishing colors in the dark photos. Trust me, you'll be old one day and know what I'm talking about. We're not all teenagers or 20 year olds and can't see the detail of your great work in dark photos.

    Hope that's okay to ask, please take it for what it is, a simple request of you guys for us old gamers.



    I'm not old. I've matured.
    Just forgot to grow up at the same time.

  • Good request! Young modders, take notes!

  • @vendetta1969 welcome. and much appriciated. im sure we will keep that in mind. and try for better clear shots. it would be better if you pointed out, which type of mods are you reffering too? and give us an example for a better understanding?

  • Oh this is so annoying, when someone posts a mod and its just virtually black pictures, and you're just left looking at the taillights of a car or something lol

  • Had a quick look of my recent mods....Fuck the pictures of mine do are dark as hell :/
    They do look good when opened up in fullscreen but being in the mod page they really isnt good at all...
    Guess at least 2 shots in daytime without filters is essential :P.

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