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[Solved] Polygon limit on vehicle

  • Is there a polygon limit set for vehiclesm in gta 5? i know there is polygon limit for collisions but , what about the actual model its self, for only 1 lod. because i converted an aircraft and it has like 151000 polygons and 366275 vertices. pretty heavy i would say, and when i spawn it, the trainer gives exception error, and the Aircraft Spawns invisible, although collisions are there, i can stand on it. blow it up etc. but i can't see it, its invisible. any guidance would be much appriciated :)

  • 1.3 million. AuthorSaul

  • @J9090 now, that is amazing. must be something else . that i missed or messed up . thank you.

  • the bug was not related to polygon limit :) [Solved] @rappo

  • @FoxtrotDelta I know I'm no Rappo (Can't live up to that guy :p ), but seeing as he's offline at the moment I'll close it for you :D

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