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Can't use the mods in online anymore

  • Hello. In the past, before the most recent update, i was able to use certain mods in online, and everything worked just fine. It was only car models, only replace, and only for aesthetics, i didn't adjust the car stats in any way. Like i said, only for visuals, just to make the game a bit more pretty. But now I can't get into online if I have mods enabled. It tells me that I have a modified version of the game and I can't join online at all with mods on. Any way to get around it and get it to work like it did in the past? Please and thank you. Any help is appreciated.

  • I think nope , its R*'s fault

  • @HeySlickThatsMe Is it a common issue? I've been trying to do research on it but can't find much. I know that I shouldn't be using mods in online anyway, blah blah, but it's just to make cars look prettier, seems pretty harmless to me.

  • @M49NuM_357 It happens for everyone as far as i know
    they made it so its impossible to enter to gta online with any mod (So there's less modders/hackers/exploiters or whatever)

  • @HeySlickThatsMe That's a damn shame. But thank you for clarifying it for me. I appreciate the help

  • @M49NuM_357 better not go online with mods installed. Plus it's against this website's policy to discuss modding the online game. please be careful. you might get banned but you might pull others into a ban wave too.

  • @FoxtrotDelta said in Can't use the mods in online anymore:

    Plus it's against this website's policy to discuss modding the online game.

    With the intent of cheating.

  • @FoxtrotDelta rappo already has cleared it, it's why it's in the rules.

    Posting any of the following on the forums or in direct messages may result in your post being removed and in case of serious or repeat offenses, your forums and main website accounts being banned:

    • Offensive comments directed at other users
    • Offensive images, including any nudity
    • Discussions about malware or pirated content
    • Download links to original GTA V game files (including pirated content or subsets of files)
    • Discussions about modding GTA: Online with the intent of cheating
    • Discussions about console modding
    • Derailing/hijacking threads by other users with questions/posts on a topic unrelated to the main post

  • @LeeC2202 Edit: point taken. but i do advise against any type of online modification. cheating or otherwise. you can easily get banned even if, there is a small mismatch of information with memory in gta 5 exe latest file.

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