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Please Help! How to start uploading mods to GTA V PC

  • I'm new to this so I want to learn how to upload mods to my GTA V on my PC so what do all I need to do to start uploading mods in my game. Please respond back really need help

  • @Sanchez-Gaming once you have created a mod. make a .rar file and click upload on the main gta 5 site. and fill in the information. it usually takes 8-10 hours till your mod get's approved or answered.

  • Sorry if you read it wrong but no I'm asking how to start downloading mods onto my gta v game on my PC

  • @Sanchez-Gaming well you wrote upload. sorry. i did read it wrong. you need to use openiv software. and also use readme file provided inside the downloaded mod file. open it with Winrar.

  • @FoxtrotDelta I downloaded openiv and when I go to open it doesn't do anything like it doesn't open the setup

  • @Sanchez-Gaming when u open it first time. you have to click on browse and show it location of your game where you have installed your game. then it will detect it's version and open the game files inside openiv.

  • @FoxtrotDelta can you be more specific sorry but just coming to a dead end every time. If you don't mind can you explain it to me step by step.

  • @Sanchez-Gaming i am talking about vehicle mods. not script mods.

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