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carvariations.meta, is there any way to force a car to spawn with metallic colours?

  • I have installed the Alpine Vision GT concept but I would like to force it to use just the two colour sets it seems to have been shown in, namely this one...

    alt text

    and this one

    alt text

    But they both need to have metallic colours but the reference list I am using LSC Vehicle Colours Index for colour codes, seems to have very few metallic colours.

    So I was just wondering if anyone knew of a way to force a metallic variation of a colour, without overriding it when it spawns, in a script.

  • @LeeC2202 So basically you want it to spawn with that color "naturally", not with a script, correct?

  • @AHK1221 Yep.

    Edit, at the moment, I am using these values


    and these to get close, but they're standard paints


  • From what I have seen, the 3rd value is for the interior I believe, although I don't know if that's the case.

    I guess it could possibly be the pearl colour, but I don't know if that's something that only applies to those 6-number entries. :\

  • @LeeC2202 I think I may know something to get metallic colors, wait a sec.

    MetallicBlack = 0,
    MetallicGraphiteBlack = 1,
    MetallicBlackSteel = 2,
    MetallicDarkSilver = 3,
    MetallicSilver = 4,
    MetallicBlueSilver = 5,
    MetallicSteelGray = 6,
    MetallicShadowSilver = 7,
    MetallicStoneSilver = 8,
    MetallicMidnightSilver = 9,
    MetallicGunMetal = 10,
    MetallicAnthraciteGray = 11,
    MetallicRed = 27,
    MetallicTorinoRed = 28,
    MetallicFormulaRed = 29,
    MetallicBlazeRed = 30,
    MetallicGracefulRed = 31,
    MetallicGarnetRed = 32,
    MetallicDesertRed = 33,
    MetallicCabernetRed = 34,
    MetallicCandyRed = 35,
    MetallicSunriseOrange = 36,
    MetallicClassicGold = 37,
    MetallicOrange = 38,
    MetallicDarkGreen = 49,
    MetallicRacingGreen = 50,
    MetallicSeaGreen = 51,
    MetallicOliveGreen = 52,
    MetallicGreen = 53,
    MetallicGasolineBlueGreen = 54,
    MetallicMidnightBlue = 61,
    MetallicDarkBlue = 62,
    MetallicSaxonyBlue = 63,
    MetallicBlue = 64,
    MetallicMarinerBlue = 65,
    MetallicHarborBlue = 66,
    MetallicDiamondBlue = 67,
    MetallicSurfBlue = 68,
    MetallicNauticalBlue = 69,
    MetallicBrightBlue = 70,
    MetallicPurpleBlue = 71,
    MetallicSpinnakerBlue = 72,
    MetallicUltraBlue = 73,
    MetallicTaxiYellow = 88,
    MetallicRaceYellow = 89,
    MetallicBronze = 90,
    MetallicYellowBird = 91,
    MetallicLime = 92,
    MetallicChampagne = 93,
    MetallicPuebloBeige = 94,
    MetallicDarkIvory = 95,
    MetallicChocoBrown = 96,
    MetallicGoldenBrown = 97,
    MetallicLightBrown = 98,
    MetallicStrawBeige = 99,
    MetallicMossBrown = 100,
    MetallicBistonBrown = 101,
    MetallicBeechwood = 102,
    MetallicDarkBeechwood = 103,
    MetallicChocoOrange = 104,
    MetallicBeachSand = 105,
    MetallicSunBleechedSand = 106,
    MetallicCream = 107,
    MetallicWhite = 111,
    MetallicFrostWhite = 112,
    MetallicSecuricorGreen = 125,
    MetallicVermillionPink = 137,
    MetallicBlackPurple = 142,
    MetallicBlackRed = 143,
    MetallicPurple = 145,
    MetallicLavaRed = 150,

    If this is what you're looking for :)

    All the metallics I could find.

  • @AHK1221 According to the LSC list,, 88 is just Yellow and 73 is Racing blue, which is what I am using now... it's just a standard Blue.

  • @LeeC2202 I've found these from here:
    It may be that they named the colors wrong.

  • @AHK1221 I'm just going to run the game and grab a screen of that Blue, I will also grab a screen of the Metallic Blue set through Simple Trainer and then compare them side by side... it just looked like the classic paint when I spawned it though.

    More info soon. :D

  • @LeeC2202 Interestingly enough, there is another native other than GET_VEHICLE_COLOURS that gets you the r, g and b of a vehicle. It is GET_VEHICLE_COLOR. Gonna test it out.

  • @AHK1221 I have just done that colour test and the value of 73 is the same as Simple Trainer's Classic Racing Blue.

    Now interestingly, in carmodcols.ymt, there are four entries for Racing Blue, three that look like this:

      <col value="73" />
      <spec value="0" />

    and the other looks like this

      <col value="73" />
      <spec value="73" />

  • @LeeC2202 From my understandings it works as the following:
    Primary Color
    Secondary Color
    Wheels Color (Ain't it?)

    I assume you would need to use the pearleasent to get a metallic looking color. I may be wrong so please correct me, at least this is my assumption.

  • @LeeC2202 @Zievs You may be right since the 4th item @LeeC2202 has written is 156 which according to the source above is DefaultAlloyColor. So there, problem solved :) (i hope so)

  • @AHK1221 @Zievs After a bit of testing last night with @meimeiriver we have now determined that the order is

    1. Primary
    2. Secondary
    3. Pearlescent
    4. Wheels

    Edit: I should have included this, which was the code taken from Menyoo's colour section that was the confirmation.


    However, the numbers are still a source of much mystery.

    I used Simple Trainer to save two car colours, one with standard paint and one with metallic paint. On the metallic paint, the Pearl colour was set to the same value as the primary colour, so they were both 73 (Racing Blue). On the standard paint, the 3rd value stayed at whatever the pearl colour had been set to in-game through the trainer.

    So maybe the key to metallic colours, is that the pearl colour and primary colour must be the same. However, I don't know if that also applies to the secondary colour... I will test that later today. Maybe if the 2nd and 3rd are the same value, it makes the secondary colour metallic instead.


    Huh, I always thought the authors could set PAINT 1-2-3-4 to any which part of the model just by mapping. So what's secondary or pearlescent etc can change between carmods?

    Or am I not understanding what you define by metallic within the game?

  • @ReNNie Value 1 applies to the base body colour that I think every car has to have. That being the one you can change from Classic/Matte and Metallic.

    Value 2 seems to be an optional value that modders can apply to other parts of the vehicle they want the user to be able to change colours of. Some seem to use it on side panels, or bonnet panels, others use it on brake calipers etc...

    Value 3 seems to work in conjunction with Value 1, to decide between the different Paint types that Value 1 is applying, but I am not quite sure exactly how. Metallic seems to rely on that value being the same as Value 1 but I'm not sure how those are used to select Matte paint...

    I am going to do some more tests tonight by saving the three types of paint in SImple Trainer, using the same Colour (e.g. Racing Blue) and seeing how that is reflected in the values saved in the ini file.

    I am surprised there seems to be so little information on what appears to be a crucial part of determining how a car appears.

  • Well this is interesting... These are all variations on Red


    c1=27			//Color 1
    c2=1			//Color 2
    c3=0			//Color 3
    c4=156			//Color 4


    c1=39			//Color 1
    c2=1			//Color 2
    c3=0			//Color 3
    c4=156			//Color 4


    c1=27			//Color 1
    c2=1			//Color 2
    c3=36			//Color 3
    c4=156			//Color 4

    So it seems Metallic is nothing more than a Classic paint with a Pearl value and doesn't have to be the same value to create it.

    So I wonder if that means that only certain values can be used as Pearl values? The plot is indeed getting thicker...

  • Weird how the game uses pearl as pearlscent definition when the game itself has a 4th paint type unique to bennys which is "pearl" paint, makes the car look more glossy/eyecandy in reflection amount. Somehow nobody has been able to make it usable by trainer on everycar except for the ones assigned as benny tunable, and not even by code at all...you still need to go to the garage.

  • @Vans123 Do you know if that has anything to do with the 2 additional values that some cars use in carvariations?

    I have a Ferrari that uses 6 numbers instead of the 4 but I don't know if they apply to interior, paint or something else.

    <indices content="char_array">

  • @LeeC2202 they have to do with the extra paints for bennys, still keeps me thinking why the document can load paint 6 and 7, but theres clue about this pearl paint. Paint 6 and 7 belong to gauges and interior painting in bennys, paint 5 is used for interior lights. So you can see the game uses paint 1 thru 7, all usable by this document but being paint 1 the one used commonly for body color, we dont see not even 1 car using pearl not at paint 1 neither any other.

    Its not even marked at carcols.ymt i believe, and we dont know where bennys stuff is stored at like model swapping

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