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GTA5 Crashes at Loadup (Even after re-install)

  • Edit*: The main reason for the crash was because I needed NativeUI.dll in the "scripts" folder after installing Simple Zombies.

    Okay so as the title said, GTA5 has been repeatedly crashing during the loadup "Starting Story Mode" screen. I have through Steam verified the game's integrity 4 times and have even re-installed the entire game. With or without mods folder, the game just crashes. The only script I have in the "scripts" folder is Simple Zombies, although that doesn't work because not even the game itself does. I have tried many "solutions", such as deleting the update folder and letting the game re-download everything, but nothing has worked so far. I don't know if this has with the newest update to do, outdated ScriptHookV (although the one I have is for 1.0.1011) or corrupted files. Corrupted files can't be, as I have re-installed the game and verified its integrity at least 4 times now. Any help to get GTA5 to work (preferably with mods folder) would be greatly appreciated.

  • Also deleted the settings file in My Documents?
    And made a backup of the savegames there and delete those too?

  • @ReNNie No. I figured the issue out and apparently I'm stupid because it was the simplest thing ever. The cause for the crash was that I needed NativeUI.dll for Simple Zombies to work, after that scripts work perfectly fine (although haven't modded yet). The simplest things causes the biggest things.

  • True dat, and mostly the biggest error is sitting behind the keyboard. At least over here ;)

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