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[SCRIPT]Stationary turret for tanks/firetrucks/etc (stop the turret pointing at the camera direction)

  • Sometimes I just wanna show off my Tier 5 T-34 on the LS roads but whenever I turn my camera,the turret moves and with a great possibility that it will do some harm to the street XD
    So I think maybe someone can come up with a simple script to stop the turret from moving with a single button press or a key combination (since there're so many scripts taking too many keys now XD (hope it will work to get a second keyboard connected to the computer to get more keys lol)
    The script can work on tanks,firetrucks,and any other car with turrets,and of course add-on vehicles pls :/
    @CamxxCore @SkylineGTRFreak @FoxtrotDelta

  • @Elope I don't do script mods anymore, sorry.

  • @LeeC2202 Ahhhh okay,I'm sorry pal

  • @Elope i think @SkylineGTRFreak did it with his new APC from Call of duty. i didn't check it but, i think i read some where Skyline managed. it in that mod.

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