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Problem with Add-ons and tuning

  • Hello again, I've been fidgeting with compiling car mods into a single add-on, but I ran into the problem of tuning not working when it's custom (aka not "0_default_modkit), carcols and carvariations should be set fine as I did that times before for other mods, but in this case it just won't work. I tried changing the ID number to see if there were conflicts, but that didn't affect it.
    Aaaand then I noticed the same issue with some other add-ons pre-made by the author, in which the tuning doesn't work either regardless of ID number.
    So, maybe someone with more knowledge than me can help me figure this out? If need be, I can post some files to show them.

    PS: Another wierd thing I had happen:

    1. Install 1 car add-on, tuning works fine
    2. Install 2nd car add-on, tuning works, but the tuning for the first car doesn't work anymore, without conflicting IDs....
      3.Try disabling 2nd add-on, tuning on 1st car works again.... Wtf???

  • @GreenAid Lol you're doing the same thing I'm doing xD



    Tuning is the new Satan.

    There could be an error in the carcols lines in the <statsmods> section?
    Post the cars / add-ons in question, changes are I already have them in my add-on packs (unless its lambo/ferrari/bmw where I'm lagging behind)

    Or pastbin the lines from carcols and I'll have alooksie :)

  • Ok, I have 2 replacer cars that I made as add-on, they both were meant to replace sabregt and so have the carcols and _mods.rpf from it. What I did is rename all the instances of "sabregt" to "gsx" and "cam69" respectively (for a Buick GSX and a Camaro 69)

    This should be an example https://pastebin.com/MHyPitzs


    @GreenAid mine for the gsx70 > https://pastebin.com/LY2JV1m7

    also you'll notice here I'm not using all the horns as I have set up the carvariations to use both this kit and the 0_default_modkit, which makes the carcols more easy to navigate with 40+ cars in one single add-on ;)

    alt text


    oh also ... gsx is not unique enough .. use buickgsx70 or gsx70 for the tuning parts

    eg this is also a 'gsx' which could interfere

  • @ReNNie Gonna try that soon thnx.

    Also no problem about interference sine I don't use those cars ;)

  • Came back home, gave a shot using your setup for the carcol (without horns) but it apparently crashed on load. Went back to old method but I added default modkit in carvar and partial stuff worked http://prntscr.com/ep8ex4

    Still the rest won't work :(

    (As a side note, tested just for curiosity spawning the Chevy Nova and the tuning was magically working again... lol? The Chevelle (another car on which it doesn't work) still didn't "fix" itself tho)

    The magic of GTA modding.....

  • https://pastebin.com/kkQYKzua
    May you take a look at my carcols.meta? I've managed to combine addons into one rpf, but I can't modify them.

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