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Get notified about comments on your uploads...

  • Hi!

    So before I start, if this has already been a discussion, then sorry oops :D

    Basically, I sometimes get comments on my uploads, and I'm not notified because they haven't tagged me. I understand that the comments won't always be aimed at me, if a discussion between two other people occur. But I like to quote "monitor" my comment section on my more recent uploads every day, and at least once a week for my later uploads.

    It would be a nice feature if there was a way to get notified about all comments left on my uploads. Say if it was a yes/no for all uploads, or a yes/no for notifications for individual uploads.

    This is just a suggestion, and if it doesn't/can't happen, then that's fine. I'm very happy with this site...

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  • You can just click on my uploads and see :)

  • @TheLoneWolf293 That only tells you the likes, ratings, and downloads though.

  • @Namie243 no, you can click on your mods and check out the comments...

  • @TheLoneWolf293 I know. I would like the options for notifications when someone comments on my uploads, or maybe a symbol next to the like, rate and download symbol that counts the comments. I'd just like notifications when someone comments.

    I do already manually check....this is just a suggestion.

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