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Get notified about comments on your uploads...

  • Hi!

    So before I start, if this has already been a discussion, then sorry oops :D

    Basically, I sometimes get comments on my uploads, and I'm not notified because they haven't tagged me. I understand that the comments won't always be aimed at me, if a discussion between two other people occur. But I like to quote "monitor" my comment section on my more recent uploads every day, and at least once a week for my later uploads.

    It would be a nice feature if there was a way to get notified about all comments left on my uploads. Say if it was a yes/no for all uploads, or a yes/no for notifications for individual uploads.

    This is just a suggestion, and if it doesn't/can't happen, then that's fine. I'm very happy with this site...

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  • You can just click on my uploads and see :)

  • @TheLoneWolf293 That only tells you the likes, ratings, and downloads though.

  • @Namie243 no, you can click on your mods and check out the comments...

  • @TheLoneWolf293 I know. I would like the options for notifications when someone comments on my uploads, or maybe a symbol next to the like, rate and download symbol that counts the comments. I'd just like notifications when someone comments.

    I do already manually check....this is just a suggestion.

  • This feature is standard on the majority of mod sites, shouldn't even need to be requested. Odd that it's still not implemented after multiple years. Bumping in case any of the site admins see this post and decide to implement this.

  • Bump, still waiting for such basic features to be implemented. Surely the people running the site have enough money from ads and whatnot to hire some web designers to add these features.


    @gdfGDS44 do not bump multiple threads on the same subject

  • @ReNNie Good thing I didn't, considering they were all different topics. And now that you removed them, they wont get the attention they deserve. They were all different subjects, you can see that by reading the titles...

  • "same subject" was not referring to the topics, but to your copy-pasted comment on each of the topics.

  • Because it applied to said threads?

  • @Namie243 look, if the people writing comment are not motivated enought to just tag you in the comment when anyone is speaking to you, it's not your problem, you can't check every your mod every day so if people want answer and not just hype or blame your mod without need of your response, then they have to tag you :shrug_tone3:

    and imagine you have one of that top mods where are hundreds of comments and sometimes 20 of them are just 2 random people chatting like dumbs there, you would smash your pc if you get notification for every of these comments :grin:

  • @ArmaniAdnr
    You shouldn't have to check your mods every day. A notification feature would fix that.

    The problem of too many notifications can easily be fixed. The system should simply check if a notification had already been sent for that mod, and if it has just modify the previous notification to say "2 new comments", increasing the number every time. There should also be settings, account-wide and mod-specific, to disable the notifications if the user wishes.

    I've actually written a personal script that goes through all of my mods to tell me if there are any new comments. I shouldn't have to do this. And it is way more difficult for me to do this, because I have to web scrape and create my own database of previous comments.

  • @Jitnaught but still if you are working on pc and you have forum opened on pc whole day, you may check that new comment when you get new notification and 5 minutes later you got new one and 10 minutes later another one and so on :shrug_tone3:

    I think authors mean this good but people are lazy or unskilled so they don't tag or don't know how to tag people. I think the solution may be once you start writing coment under any mods, you'll get hint saying hey if you use @ with authors name, you can tag him to let him know about your comment :neutral_face:

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