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z800 add on please

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  • @hoichi123 Pictures of what a z800 is, or a link to a model might help. I have no idea what a z800 is, which means other people might not know either.

  • @LeeC2202 I guess Kawasaki Z800, but who knows?

  • @LeeC2202 hey bro here is the info that he didn't put up and pics I guess there are 4 different models of the bike.


    0_1490639717588_3kbtyopr.m0o.png 0_1490639723501_qgszqhwf.a3x.png 0_1490639730303_Yamaha%20FZ1%201280x800_c364.jpg 0_1490639737411_arboum1j.kzh.png

  • @V4D3R I just posted what the bike looks like since he forgot to put it up for you guys lol

  • @TR71777 And this is why we ask people with requests to be more specific and post models or at the very least, exact pictures of what they want. You have taken the time to search for and post pictures, (which we appreciate :thumbsup_tone1:) but modders aren't going to waste their time looking for them.

    Any modder who does vehicles would come into this page, see no information whatsoever and leave... and probably never come back. When there are multiple versions of the same bike, they're not going to come back and ask "Is it this one... or this one... or maybe this one?"

    This thread has had 48 views and the only people that have responded is us... I think that says it all sadly. :expressionless:

  • @LeeC2202 it is sad bro and your right at least I take the time to do the proper research and post the info and pics to me its not that difficult to do lol I guess people are to lazy to do proper research of mods they want lol but it is what it is bro lol

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