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replace car to add-on

  • hello guys,umm..so i see this car https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/plymouth-road-runner-1970
    and i want to make him add-on for my self..
    can some one can give me tutrioul how to do that?

  • @LeeC2202 hey,thank you for your answer i try to do that...and i get invalid model...why that could by?

  • @Gtavgamer Make sure you add the correct name to the dlclist.xml file for your addon pack. Also make sure the content.xml file is correctly pointing to all the meta files and model files in the correct locations inside the dlc.rpf.

    Look at existing addons to see how they are set up and make sure all the files you have added, are in the same kind of place.

    Make sure the entries in the vehicles.meta file are set to the correct names, for example, this is my entry for the Nissan GT-R R35


    <modelName> should match the names of the model files, so for this car, my model files are called r35.yft, r35.ytd etc...

  • Ok ill will check that out tomwarrow thank you :)

  • Umm i want to ask...the handling and thevichels.meta i need to take from update.rpf/data?if the car dosent have any?

  • @Gtavgamer You don't always need the handling.meta, you can just set the <handlingId> </handlingId> value to point to the vanilla vehicle it would normally replace. you only need to create that if you want custom handling.

    You will need to create the vehicles.meta file though.

  • @LeeC2202 ok now its says when i try to spwan for explame roadrunner spwand but there is now car spwand..any soluitoun?

  • @Gtavgamer How can I, or anyone else give you a solution, when we don't know what you have done?

  • @LeeC2202 said in replace car to add-on:

    w what you have done?

    umm...i am pretty new on this..and am not really know what to do..ive change the handling ND VICHILES.META...from here am stuck..umm..its says its spwand and its not...

  • @LeeC2202 ok now its spwaned...but its crash even with modded game config when i try to be near it or get in..why?

  • @Gtavgamer I have a fully working addon of this now and I have just asked permission from the author to let me share the files with you. This is a guaranteed 100% working addon, including working tuning (on my PC anyway) version that doesn't crash.

    I will not be giving you a completed addon, but all the files that you need to make the addon file. You can then have a look at what my files look like, to compare them with yours. That way you can see where you might have gone wrong, so it will help you with the next addon you make.

    I have to wait for the author to say yes though... hopefully they will reply soon.

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