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Looking for high performance ReShade

  • My problem is balance between decent image smoothing and frame rate. Only setting that gives me semi-decent looks is MSAA x4, but my GTX 960 obviously can't handle it giving me frustrating drops to 40 and 30 on scenery changes, quick turns and even in max zoom through high powered scope. FXAA in this game is pathetic, but it gives me steady 60 frames all the time.

    I've been using some SweetFX, ENBs and ReShade in some games purely for SMAA which has been giving me very good image quality with no FPS lose at all, so I'm looking purely for ReShade (or something like that) that works in GTAV and does basically nothing but smoothing, because I generally happy with graphics as it is and not looking for some gimmicks, but most ReShades I googled were coming with lots of unnecessary graphic tweaks which impact performance.

    If anyone could give me link to working high perf. tool with ready preset for GTAV I'm asking, I would be very grateful.

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