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[Tutorial] Editing map files with OpenIV


    Hi all, now that OpenIV allows us to edit map files it would be very helpful if someone were to provide a detailed tutorial on just how to go about doing so. I would very much like to know how to change the spawn vehicle at a given location or to completely remove a spawn vehicle from a chosen location.

    Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Best wishes.


  • @DarthPungz Are you sure this is map related and not scripted-event related? If you use a trainer to remove all vehicles, do these vehicles still show up at the same location?

    If so, they could be being generated by scripted events, much like those buses that stop and either pick-up or let-off passengers. I know that when I was messing around with my bus mod, turning all the vehicles off still left quite a few vehicles in the map, that did certain (and regular) movements.

    It's like if you are in the desert, on the highway near Trevor's trailer and the UFO camp, there is regularly a vehicle that pulls onto the side of the road if you are on the UFO camp side of the road, then there is another that pulls into the shops on the left just past that (at the T junction). With all vehicles turned off, they still happen.

    Might be worth checking if any trainer options remove them, if not you might need to search for two possible solutions. I think there is a Native that turns off scripted vehicles in an area... can't remember what it is off the top of my head, will check later.

    The ones in Green,

    alt text



    Hi Lee,

    Thank you for the reply professor! I had seen the post below from @_Vlad_ ;

    @Vlad said in [COLLECTION][REL] Realism Dispatch Enhanced (RDE) 3.0:

    For next update, you guys can replace spawning cars without a script, at least i found the .ymap for Davis.
    UPD. SAHP Station car spawning in hei_id2_07_strm_0.ymap

    This is what motivated me to make this thread. Script usage can slow down the game and worse if running scripts conflict. I would like a easy and easily editiable way to spawn and remove specific vehicles at specific locations. I hate those garbage trucks at the airport and the limo and van in front of the hangar...

  • @DarthPungz That's much better if it can be done that way then... it would be interesting to know what a ymap file actually does.

    I must confess, I just presumed they were for actual map data and not vehicles. There's obviously a lot more in there than I thought.

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