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[PLAYER] Zoe from Resident Evil 7

  • Someone already made Jack Baker (which looks awesome), would be nice to see other characters from the game in GTA aswell.

  • @tepi5512 said in [PLAYER] Zoe from Resident Evil 7:

    Jack Baker

    so which one is it? Zoe or Jack Baker?
    This guy >> alt text
    or this female >> alt text ?

    Because your title says one thing and the request asks for a different thing and skin authors can get confused by your request.


    I wasn't confused. But I'm no modder.

    He clearly stated a request for Zoe and/or other characters as Jack Barker is already converted.

    I'd wish there were more females indeed instead of sixteen versions of Spider-Man and The Flash etc.

    There are so many quality 3D models available.
    Seeying Lee struggle, leads me to believe I personally will never be successful in porting Ada Wong. But I'll try for sure!

  • @MDextreme The title very clearly states that I myself request for Zoe Baker, but I would be very happy seeing the other fellas in the game too. (Giving whoever wants to fulfill this request a choice) In the description, I clearly say that someone already make a Jack Baker mod, which looks fantastic. Do I need to repeat myself? It can't be more clearer than that. Get your eyes checked.

  • @ReNNie shoot bro I feel you too many Spider-Man and superman and way way too many super hero peds we need more female peds black(especially black) Asian and Latina and so on and so on smdh

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