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  • If someone makes converts this car to gta i will pay the full price of the model for you.

  • @KIRRE do you already have the model ? or will you buy it later? or are you purposing someone else buys it for you. and converts it and then you will pay?

  • @FoxtrotDelta I'm saying that they need to buy it, and if they do a good job, I will pay for the model plus a little extra maybe

  • @KIRRE usually a person buys a model and then asks if someone is interested in converting it. modder's seldom buy models on requets as i ts a risk of money.

    if a request has a model provied in there, also if its a good paid model. all sorts of modders jump on the oppertunity to convert a rare model. but be warned don't buy a model without consulting a Mod creator. because you might buy a model too big for gta 5 to handle.

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