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How to create mods

  • I would like to start creating my own mods and i was wondering what software and programs i need to create my own mods

  • Zmodeler3

  • Depends, if you want to start scripting look at my tuts, if you wanna do car modding aearch up Game6840 and look at his tuts(they are in French tho)

  • @zacster95 it totaly depend on what kind of mod you wanna do, some are script, some are car/ped mod, some are map mod, some can be simple file edit ( texture, value etc), etc

    you can do " map " mod with map editor or menyoo for exemple, it doesn't require a lot of experience and it's pretty ez to start by this
    Else for thing like script or car/ped mod it will require you learn how to do them, there is a lot of tutorial on the forum ( https://forums.gta5-mods.com/category/8/tutorials )

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