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Carcols assistance?

  • https://pastebin.com/kkQYKzua
    So I've merged addons into one rpf, but I can't figure out what in my carcols.meta is preventing tuning.

  • @bloolol There are numerous reasons why carcols IDs don't work.

    1. Any number below 225 could clash with vanilla modkit IDs.

    2. Any number over 255 is meaningless as the modkit ID is only 8-bit, meaning only 1 - 254 are valid numbers. So if you have a number greater than 255, open the windows calculator, go into Programmer mode, make sure Dec is selected, enter your number and then hit And and enter 255. The number that appears is the actual number that is being used as a ModKit ID... in the documents that is.

    However, if you read to the end of this thread https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/5105/how-to-fix-tuning-parts-and-lights-not-working-on-addons-or-making-your-own-car-packs?page=1

    You will see that the number you enter in the documents, is pretty much pot-luck as the game will assign something different anyway. There does seem to be certain values that don't work... there's plenty more info in that thread.

    In that respect, all those numbers you entered in your carcols, actually end up as these 206, 189, 182, 197, 138, 129, 226, 125, 242, 135, 193, 231, 230, 163

    Which, when you consider point 1. causes quite a few problems... you only have 4 numbers in the safe zone and I can't remember if 242 is one of those that won't work, as mentioned in that thread.

    1. Any number that is repeated will cause a conflict and stop one of the vehicles from working.

    My carcols has numbers 996, 997, 998 and then 1000 - 1023, which seems to work. Those equate to 228, 229, 230 and then 232 to 255. Now you may think "But 255 wasn't listed as a valid number" and that's where the game seems to step in, because it usually assigns that vehicle 235 instead... in my game anyway.

    Basically, carcols = nightmare, there's no other way to describe it.

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