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[VEHICLE] Biker DLC Choppers rear wheels suspension

  • Most Choppers that came with the biker dlc have a rigid body frame which means the rear wheels and the bike body are all one peace and there's no suspension in the rear wheels, this leads to the rear wheels sinking\clipping into the ground whenever you speed up or drive over bumps or sidewalks. the wheels also lift clean off the ground whenever you break.

    This can be less apparent with some handling edits however it remains an eye sore, at least for me.

    Bikes that have this issue:

    • Avarus
    • Nightblade
    • Sanctus
    • Zombie Bobber \ Chopper
    • Hexer
    • Shotaro

    Example of Bikes without this issue:

    • Daemon(2)
    • Wolfsbane

    My request is if someone can edit these bike's models to give the rear wheels suspension which will eliminate this problem.

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