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[SCRIPT] Low speed animations (lowriders, bikers) for high speeds

  • In topless lowrider cars, when idle or driving at a very low speed the character rests their arm on the car door.
    The same goes for bikes with a relaxed laid back animation vs leaning forward when speeding.

    Can someone create a script or edit vehicle layouts in a way to keep the low speed animations from changing at high speeds for lowrider cars and bikes (choppers in particular)

    I find that this heavily affects choppers with high handlebars likes the daemon or the zombies, as it looks much better to remain laid back while riding instead of leaning forward while cruising.

    Also with lowrider cars the animation looks cool but is almost useless because it stops at a very low speed.

    If nothing else, at least let the animations last longer or be removed only at very high speeds.


    @maverick-x I like that, would be awesome if it would be possible with an script.

    I'll tag a few scripters who maybe can take a look @LeeC2202 @CamxxCore @NotCrunchyTaco @jedijosh920

  • @Kwebbl I don't do scripting any more, sorry fella.

  • I found a couple of things while tinkering:

    if I remove the flag <UseBikeInVehicleAnims> from SeatAnimInfo used by a bike the character won't lean forward at high speeds, however they won't do much else so it looks unnatural, and if you do any jumps with the bike the landing will cause the character's body to get buggy.

    as for lowriders, in the layout for the car, if I replace the line from <LowriderLeanClipSet> with the line from <AltLowriderLeanClipSet> the character will keep their arm on the door at all times at low and high speeds, this actually looks great, and the only bug is that this also applies for when a roof is installed so the arm clips through the glass.

  • I have an idea how to make this (Could be buggy , but meh)
    Firstly do what you said - BikeInVehicleAnims
    then replace the bike animation.ycd with the one from Bikers
    Ill try to Tinker with Vehicles.meta and stuff and try to bring it back to SP , i loved it in online too ^^

  • @maverick-x @Kwebbl @HeySlickThatsMe I could possibly do this. I'll give it a shot! :D

  • @NotCrunchyTaco you should try
    I was looking at vehicle.meta , handling.meta but i didn't found anything

  • @HeySlickThatsMe I'll look around a bit.

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