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[SCRIPT] [RELEASED] On-Foot Cinematic Cam

  • This is probably the last time you'll see this thread at the top of the list. (hears lots of cheering)

    Version 3.5 has been uploaded and barring any bugs that need fixing, it's probably going to be the last version of this mod I upload.

    I tried to add a couple of features today but they didn't work and I don't have the motivation to make them work. So I've removed a few debug message stragglers and made a couple of very minor tweaks to the camera positions.

    So I hope this thread hasn't been too boring and maybe for some it's been interesting to see this mod develop from its initial release to what it has ended up as. I never imagined that it would end up as complex as it has but it just shows that if enough people keep pushing, it can inspire you to just keep trying... to keep improving. So thank you to all those pushers... you kept me going. :)

    There's probably been some post of mine that didn't make for enjoyable reading, so I hope they didn't put too many people off. If I hadn't posted them though, this mod would probably have been abandoned halfway through... so they served a purpose.

    So to quote an old favourite film of mine... ( you have to imagine this being said in a sinister, computerised voice)


  • @LeeC2202 I hate all the "good-byes" and content to that, I think this would be goodbye for the this mod being updated. Though this has been great journey, watching this mod grow. :)
    So, adios ma fav mod. :D
    (imagine this Mod says in its own voice to all the fans)
    I WILL SEE YOU WHEN I SEE YOU. (From Oceans 13)

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